16 May 2023


APEEJAY INSTITUTE OF DESIGN (AID) conducts workshops on painting, gift packaging and 3D sculpture.

Making the design curriculum more interesting for learners, Graduate Design Programme (GDP) students of 2nd semester at Apeejay Institute of Design (AID) attended elective sessions on painting, gift packaging and 3D sculpture. The 5 days elective session helped them in learning different skills by exploring the medium, its technique and application.

Painting is the expression of ideas as well as emotions and this elective session enhanced the aesthetic skills among the students. It was a two-dimensional expression on a canvas. Before painting, students arranged the objects into a creative composition. After a brief demonstration on how to use colours, design students painted their fresh and innovative ideas on the canvas with a brush and palette knife.

 The creative painting session helped in liberating the thoughts of students as they expressed their feelings through colours and brushes. As part of the design learning process, a group of students also participated in a creative packaging session for products of utility. Students of the 2nd semester Foundation Department then worked on a 3D Sculpture Project – Plaster of Paris. 

This project was initiated under the guidance of an adept team of faculty members. It was a team activity for which students were divided into groups of four each. To introduce the process of crafting a 3D sculpture, a brief was given to the students. Each team was assigned to create a sculpture for a public space.

Following this, the groups proposed their ideas in the form of sketching. After doing all the suggested changes guided as per their respective faculties, students developed a small scale clay muket so that they get a fair idea of the full scale 3D Sculpture.  

The prototype gave a deeper insight of alterations required for the desired final outcome. This was followed by the formation of armature, which is the internal backbone of sculpture.


The project gave students an opportunity to explore different materials. It was not only a creative adventure for the students, but they also understood the importance of teamwork and coordination.

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