28 May 2024/

WORKSHOP ON LANGUAGE – LET’S SPEAK IN TAMIL, a language programme on every Wednesday scheduled this week on 29 May 29024 at TASMAI, Puducherry.

“Tamil Language is part of the Dravidian language family which includes Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The oldest text found in Tamil is a grammatical work called the ‘Tolkappiyam’. Tamil has a long literary history, and is spoken by almost 100 million people,” says the organisers of the workshop.

“Language is a very strong part of culture. To understand the local people and their culture, speaking and understanding the language is important. In this workshop you will be given simple tips to grasp the roots of the language so that you can communicate and read easily,” says the organisers of the programme who conducts the workshop at Puducherry as the ancient Dravidian language, Tamil is the official language of the Union Territory, Puducherry.

Kalaimamani Saroja.T conducts the WORKSHOP ON LANGUAGE – LET’S SPEAK IN TAMIL on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 @ 5.00 PM.

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