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Within, Without – Solo Exhibition by renowned artist Ranjan Kaul at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 27 March 2024 till 31 March 2024 (11.00 AM to 8.00 PM) 

The show will continue at Urban Fringe – the underground studio F-15 Basement, Okhla Phase I, New Delhi, between 12 April 2024 to 22 April 2024.

“The primary focus of this show is to give imaginative articulation to what I believe are the disruptive and disquieting conditions we are living in. These works are a reimagined umwelt of our times in which I use a range of devices and visual languages – from mythology and literary references to flora symbolism and human-animal hybrid characters,” says renowned artist Ranjan Kaul.

“I have explored a variety of styles, treatments, and choices of medium in consonance with my shifting thematic – from heavy, textured layers of acrylic using the palette knife, water colour, mixed media, to working with thick brushstrokes using oil. I find sticking to a particular style or theme rather constricting. I thus remain free from conservative constraints that can inhibit an artist from innovating, discovering, learning. While my shows are thematically different, my oeuvre has a certain continuity where expression is concerned,” he added.

Artist Ranjan Kaul is a contemporary visual artist, art writer-critic and participated in many group shows including at New Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, and Russia. His works adorn many galleries and private collections in India, US, Dubai and Hong Kong.

“Ranjan Kaul has held four major solo shows of his paintings in New Delhi: Ringside View – Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre (Nov. 2021); Where do They Belong – Arpana Art Gallery (Oct. 2019); Staying Alive – Lalit Kala Akademi (May 2019) and Essence of Being – India International Centre Gallery, Kamladevi Complex (Nov. 2017) and participated in about a dozen group shows as an invited artist. Last year, he curated and participated in a two-person collaborative exhibition titled Whats Up at Urban Fringe – the underground studio, New Delhi. He had a long and distinguished stint in book publishing and served as Managing Director, Oxford University Press India, while painting and writing fiction alongside, before he decided to leave publishing and take up art professionally,” says the organisers of the Exhibition.

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