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Renowned artist Aarti Gupta Bhadauria’s captivating terracotta sculpture- ‘Wave of Togetherness’ is on display in the International Group Exhibition at Limner Gallery, New York.

Aarti Gupta Bhadauria, an accomplished Indian sculptor hailing from Bangalore, presents her captivating terracotta sculpture – ‘Wave of Togetherness’  in ‘SMALL WORKS 2023’, an International group exhibition, showcase her artistic prowess at the prestigious Limner Gallery at 123 Warren Street, Hudson, New York. This juried exhibition showcases 60 artworks of 38 contemporary American and International artists this year.

Renowned artist Aarti Gupta Bhadauria’s sculpture titled ‘Wave of Togetherness’ is on display and this sculpture shows togetherness of a couple as they are one. This sculpture is the “Best in Show” award winner (3D/Mixed Media) from Contemporary Art Gallery Online USA in Oct-2017.

“Aarti Gupta Bhadauria’s distinctive sculptures, embody the essence of rhythmic abstraction, reflecting waves of emotions in diverse forms. Each sculpture, meticulously crafted over three to six months, invites viewers to explore a myriad of angles, unveiling different stories with every turn.

Aarti, driven by a desire for uniqueness, embarked on her journey with terracotta, aiming to propagate this ancient medium with modern perspectives. Her commitment to the craft is evident in the intricate detailing that defines every piece, making them timeless works of art,” says the curator of the show.

Having studied a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in sculptures from Gwalior in 2004, Aarti Gupta Bhadauria chose terracotta as her medium to bring ancient artistry into contemporary expression.

Widely acclaimed by art connoisseurs, Aarti Gupta Bhadauria has received numerous awards globally, including four “Best in Show” accolades in international art competitions. She has exhibited her works in many prestigious venues including at Garrison Art Center New York, Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi, Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, Durbar Hall Art Gallery Cochin and The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of arts, the Indian Achiever’s Forum honored Aarti Gupta Bhadauria with the ‘Indian Achiever’s Award 2022-23’.

“Aarti Gupta Bhadauria’s works echo the passage of time, the artist’s keen eye, and the skillful touch of her hands evident in each creation. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the brilliance of Aarti’s creations at Limner Gallery during this international art exhibition,” curator explains.

The exhibition is on show till 30 December 2023.

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