2 MARCH 2022


On 1 March 2022, UN News reported that “Rockets have been raining down on Ukraine’s cities and hundreds of people have been killed or injured since the Russian military offensive began” and the UN Chief appealed to all to provide urgently needed assistance.

The latest UN data reveals that 6,77, 000 people have fled Ukraine since 24 February 2022.

UN also estimates that nearly 12 million people inside Ukraine will need relief and protection, while more than four million  refugees in neighbouring countries may need immediate assistance in the coming months.

“UN agencies and our partners are now working 24-7 to assess humanitarian needs and scale up aid, particularly to women, children, older people and those with disabilities. We must help  Ukranians help each other through this terrible time.  Electricity, water supplies have been disrupted; roads have been damaged or destroyed by bombs, food and medicine were in short supply in some areas,” the UN Chief Antonio Guterres said while launching plans to help people across Ukraine and beyond.

United Nations seeks $1.7 billion as humanitarian needs  to deliver urgently.

We are looking at what could become Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century. While we have seen tremendous solidarity and hospitality from neighbouring countries in receiving refugees, including from local communities and private citizens, much more support will be needed to assist and protect new arrivals,” says the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi.

The bombardment of cities such as the capital, Kyiv has forced people to seek shelter in subway stations and many crossing the borders, reports UN News.

Russian forces bombarded the Central Square of the second largest city Kharkiv and the main TV Tower in Kyiv.

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