The world is facing a lasting crisis and there is no clarity about how long this state of instability will last.

Most of the global challenges have not been created by the global south. But they affect us more. We have seen this in the impact of COVID pandemic, climate change, terrorism and even the Ukraine conflict. The search for solutions also does not factor in our role or our voice,”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 12 January 2023, inaugurating the two-day virtual summit, Voice of the Global South Summit.                        

Many world leaders including Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, participated in the Summit.

The Prime Minister announced that India will establish a Global South Centre of Excellence and this institution will undertake research on development solutions or best practices of any of these countries which can be implemented in other member countries also.
“Search for solutions to crises like COVID, food, and energy security does not give due weight to the needs and aspirations of the Global South. Those who were promised an interconnected world now see a world with higher walls, insensitive to social needs and discriminatory in its health practices. India stands for three sensitive shifts in its case for a ‘Global South sensitive’ model. These shifts include moving from self-centered globalization to human-centered globalization and from debt-creating projects to demand-driven and sustainable development cooperation,” said Minister for External Affairs, Dr. S. Jaishankar, addressing the Foreign Ministers’ Session of the Voice of Global South Summit on 12 January 2023 at New Delhi.

Dr. S. Jaishankar, Minister for External Affairs highlighted that India’s development projects are demand-driven, transparent, empowerment-oriented, environment-friendly and rely on a consultative approach with sincere endeavour to amplify convergences and speak as one voice on matters critical to the peace and prosperity.

The global situation has seen changes as the global south, the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America have undergone tremendous changes as conflicts between regional organisations have changed their compositions in recent years. The Voice of Global South Summit is aimed at achieving “Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose” and with a vision to formulate the G20 agenda through consultation with G20 countries and members of the global south

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