9 March 2024/


RAMAKRISHNA MISSION INSTITUTE OF CULTURE, Golpark, Kolkata presented Vivekananda Musical Festival at Kolkata.

The esteemed programme started with Guru Vandana by the artists offering great respect before many spiritual masters, ‘Guru Deva’ and also paying earnest gratitude for the inspirations, guidance and to become efficient and accurate in learning different dance forms.


Harmonium: Ravindra Katoti with Rupak Bhattacharjee

Rhythm Harmony: Pandit Ravi Shankar Upadhyay/ Pandit Anindya Chatterjee & Gopal Burman with Sangeet Mishra on Sarangi and Hiranmay Mitra on Harmonium. Vocal: Pandit Ullas Kashalkar with Pandit Suresh Talwalkar, Gourab Chatterjee  & Sarwar Hussain on Tabla, Harmonium & Sarangi.


Dance Choreography: Padmashree Guru Th.Babu Singh (late)/Music Choreography: Guru Th. Chourjeet Singh/ Dancers:  Kh .Ranjan Singh, N.Prabin Singh  &  S.Thoiba Singh/ Pung: Guru Th.Chourjeet Singh, Vocal: Oinam Kalyan Singh/ Flute: Guru  Iron Joychandra Singh, Violin- Tonambam Sandip Singh


Krishna biraha, a dance taken from ‘kanasarirapi sangsare besan’ of the 1st part of the 3rd canto of the Geet Govinda. It describes how shri Krishna, after spending happy moments with Chandrabali in the grove, suddenly remembered the trust promised to Radha and hurried towards her with much concern and remorse when he could not find Radha.

Dance and Music Choreography: Late Padmashree Guru M. Amubi Singh; after his death this dance rechoreographed by Late Padmashree Guru Th.babu Singh/ Dancer: Sudip Kumar Ghosh/ Pung: Guru Th.Chourjeet Singh/ Vocal: Oinam Kalyan Singh/ Flute: Guru  Iron Joychandra Singh/  Violin: Tonambam Sandip Singh

10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu were described by Poet Jayadeva in invocatory verse of Geet Govind. Whenever there is disorder and calamity on earth, Lord Vishnu appears to restore peace and order.  The Dance Choreography and Music Choreography was done by Late Guru M. Amubi Singh after his death this dance rechoreograph Late. Padmashree Guru Th.Babu Singh / Dancer: Kh .Ranjan Singh, N.Prabin Singh & S.Thoiba Singh.

TANUM – Dance was performed as an integral part of Nritya Raas which is one among the five principal classical Manipuri dances.

Dance and music Composition: Late Padmashree Guru Th.Babu Singh/ Dancer: Kh .Ranjan Singh, N.Prabin Singh, S.Thoiba Singh and Sudip kumar Ghosh/ Pung: Guru Th.Chourjeet Singh, Vocal- Oinam Kalyan Singh/ Flute: Guru Iron Joychandra Singh / Violin: Tonambam Sandip Singh


Sarod Recital: Pandit Basant Kabra with Yashvant Vaishnav on Tabla.

Carnatic Violin and Santoor Duet: Eminent Musician Vidwan Mysore Manjunath & Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya with Anantha R. Krishna on Mridangam and pandit Abhijit Banerjee on Tabla.

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