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SPACE, an international collaborative art Project in association with Tasmai, a Centre for Art and Culture, Puducherry presented the virtual exhibition – NOT YET DECIDED & 2ND BIENNALE: SPACE. In the 2nd Biennale: SPACE, three artists from vastly different backgrounds came together to create three different physical or digital artworks in any medium celebrating the spirit of creative collaboration. Thirty five artists participated in the International Collaborative Art Project.


Akhila H, India / Aman Rasouli, Afghanistan / Anurag Paul, India / Asha Edwin, India / Bikash Acharjee, India / Chuguli Kumar Sahoo, India / Genefa Paes, Portugal / Harini Kumar, India / Hayede Jamshidi, Afghanistan / I.Sezhian, India / Jaime Bautista, United States / Kirti Chandak, India / Lakshmi Nagaraj, India / Mahnaz Rasouli, Afghanistan / Malavika Mandal Andrew, India / Malcolm Fernandes, India / Meena Schaldenbrand, United States / Nilladri Dutt, India / Pallavi Subhash, India / Paramesh D. Jolad, India / Parth Palsay, India / Puneeta Ranjan , India / Renata Janiszewska, Canada / Roshan Sahi, India / Rudra Prasad Sengupta, India / Sahar Moussavi, Iran / Samba Prasad Biswas, India/  Subarna Das, India / Subhajit Sahani, India / Subhash Shorey, India / Suneha Paul, India / Taro Sakamoto, Japan / Trisha Ghosh, India / Vivek Ananthasubramanian, India / V Santhi Siri, India/


View created in Biennale: Space


In the innovative creative project, ‘NOT YET DECIDED’, two talented young artists from different educational institutions work together to create two artworks on the theme of ‘not yet decided.

“Not Yet Decided is the third edition of our yearly interschool techspressionist/digital collaborative art project and exhibition for young artists where two artists between ages 14 – 18, from different schools/junior colleges/colleges worked together to create two artworks on the theme of ‘not yet decided’. Seventeen young artists worked together in pairs to create thirty four wonderfulartworks interpreting what they feel about ‘not yet decided’. All artworks have now been uploaded on the online gallery,” says Malavika Mandal  Andrew, renowned Techspressionist artist and founder, Collaborative Art Space.


  1. Adrita Purkait, Future Campus School – Kolkata Anika Goenka, Modern High School International – Kolkata
  2. Anubhav De, Calcutta International school – Kolkata
  3. Dhruv Pradeep Jain, SM Shetty International School – Mumbai
  4. Dishen Patel, Zydus School For Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  5. Divyam Khator, Zydus School For Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  6. Kanak Nitin Daswani, Delhi Public School – Nagpur
  7. Kanishka Ajwani, Zydus School For Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  8. Manasvi Gandhi, Zydus School For Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  9. Navya Samsukha, Modern High School International – Kolkata
  10. Parnika Dalan, Calcutta International School – Kolkata
  11. Prisha Bajaj, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – Kolkata
  12. Riddhima Bhardwaj, Delhi Public School – Nagpur
  13. Tanvi Jain, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy – Kolkata
  14. Saumya Garg, Zydus School for Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  15. Sparsh Jhuvar, Zydus School for Excellence – Godhavi, Ahmedabad
  16. Vanshika Tanwani, AMNS international school – Surat


“Congratulations to all. And a very warm thanks to all the young artists who participated. You have all worked incredibly hard and the courage you have shown in participating in this experimental project is tremendous. To encourage young artists, from last year we have started with a best five collaborative project award. This time we have best 6 as it is a draw. With that these are the best six Collaborative projects for Not Yet Decided”, Malavika Mandal Andrew remarked.

Artistic expressions

Anika Goenka & Sparsh Jhuvar Modern High School International – Kolkata & Zydus School for Excellence Godhavi – Ahmedabad)

It leaves me hanging on the memories

Vanshika Tanwani & Parnika Dalan  ( AMNS International School – Surat &  Calcutta International School – Kolkata)

Mysterious wanderer

Kanak Daswani & Manasvi Gandhi ( Delhi Public School Kamptee road – Nagpur & Zydus School for Excellence Godhavi – Ahmedabad)

Sherlock’s unsolvable enigma

Dhruv Jain & Anubhav De ( SM Shetty International School – Mumbai & Calcutta International School – Kolkata)

Sleepless nights

Parnika Dalan & Vanshika Tanwani (Calcutta International School – Kolkata &  AMNS International School – Surat)

Tough to twist

Saumya Garg & Prisha Bajaj ( Zydus School for Excellence Godhavi – Ahmedabad & Lakshmipat Singhania Academy Kolkata)

Please view “NOT YET DECIDED”

View created in “Not Yet Decided” Collaborative Art Project

– https://collaborativeartspace.com/not-yet-decided-collaborative-art-project/

Malavika  Mandal  Andrew, the multidisciplinary artist who practices mixed-media, digital collage, digital art, tapestry and other fiber arts, was awarded the National Scholarship by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and ‘ Pollock Krasner Foundation  Grant’.  She studied Bachelors of Fine Art in Textile Designing and Masters of Fine Art in Textile and Tapestry from Vishwa Bharati University, Santiniketan.

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