12 MARCH 2022


“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine compels Member States of the United Nations to unite in ‘cooperation and solidarity’ to support all those impacted ‘and to overcome this violation of international law,” the UN Chief Antonio Guterres  stressed the need of enhancing international cooperation – part of the landmark blueprint for multilateralism launched last year, in the General Assembly in New York on 10 March 2022.

“Peace is the most important global public good and the United Nations was created to deliver it.   War brings death, human suffering and unimaginable destruction, at a time when we cannot afford to add to the major global challenges we face.  This conflict also calls on us to come together in cooperation and solidarity to support everyone affected, and to overcome this violation of international law,” the UN Chief desperately focussed on strengthening solidarity to Ukraine.

“How are we still staring into the nuclear abyss, as millions of people flee across borders and the most fundamental tenets of international law are trampled?”,  he puts the big question before humanity to improve global governance based on the values enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

More than 2.2 million people have fled Ukraine, most of them seeking shelter in Poland and more than 2 lakh reached Hungary, as per the UN News on 9 March 2022.

The latest estimates suggest that four million refugees are likely by the end of the war, reports UN News.

The UN Chief thanked all the states on the border of Ukraine for the ‘immense generosity and solidarity’ shown by all countries.

The Russian strike on a children’s hospital and maternity ward in the city of Mariupol had children left buried under the rubble, a clear violation of International Humanitarian Law.

“Attacks against civilians and civil infrastructure – including hospitals, water and sanitation systems and schools – are unconscionable and must stop immediately,” UNICEF Chief Catherine Russell responded to the “horrific” attack on children and civilians in Ukraine.

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