3 December 2022 /

The Peacock Dreams /

THE PEACOCK DREAMS- Exhibition of paintings by renowned artists G. Rajendran, Jeevanlal, Suresh Koothuparamba and Ashokan Cheruvathur in association with Asian Art Centre will be on show at  House of Mayil, Littlton, MA, USA.

The renowned artist G. Rajendran has a successful five decade long career as an artist and was honoured many awards including a fellowship by the Lalitha Kala Akademy, Kerala.  He believes that his art shows simple aspects of life and relates to every section of people including farmers and ordinary village people.

The eminent artist Jeevanlal is known for his ‘avatar paintings’ that has been inspired by our ancient tradition and mythologies like Mahabharata and Ramayana. The unique paintings are mostly depicted on characters of ‘avatars’ with divine beauty and style.

His paintings, sculptures, murals and other art works adorn many public spaces, institutions, temples and several pavilions including the premier Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Jeevanlal has conducted many Exhibitions in India and abroad.

Artist and art director, Ashokan Cheruvathur and Artist Suresh Kuthuparamba are also exhibiting their paintings in the exhibition.

Ashokan Cheruvathur has done many site-specific murals and paintings for temples, churches, hotels, hospitals, business and private residences. After successful completion of training for 5 years in the traditional Gurukula Pattern at the Guruvayur Devaswom Institute of Mural Painting, he has repainted murals as part of renovation and restoration work at various temples in all over Kerala.

Suresh Koothuparamba, renowned artist and sculptor, conducted several exhibitions at prestigious art galleries all over India and abroad including Herman Hesse Painting Exhibition in Germany and Al-Bida Gallery, Doha.

He had won many awards and participated in several art camps. Suresh Koothuparamba was the Vice Chairman of the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi.

The month-long show will be held on 4 December 2022 till 4 January 2023.

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