3 JULY 2021


America’s longest war is over now. American troops pulled out from Afghanistan’s military camp on 2 July 2021 as per the agreement signed by the Trump administration in February 2020.

“The US withdrawal is on track but some American forces will still be in Afghanistan in September as part of a rational drawdown with allies”, US President Joe Biden said.

·       Nearly 6,384 US soldiers were killed during the longest war.

·       78,000 Afghan soldiers also lost their lives in the war against Taliban during the last 20 years.

·       Nearly 1,144 soldiers of other coalition countries also lost their lives.  

·        71,000 Afghan civilians were killed in the Afghan war.

In 2015, the US administration had sent a representative to the meeting between Taliban and the Afghan government but no progress was achieved. Later they held many negotiations that led to the Doha talks and promised to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by 1 May 2021. Now President Joe Biden endorsed the Trump administration’s agreement but changed the deadline to 11 September 2021.

It was after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks, the US declared war on Afghanistan and established a transitional government.

As the US forces leave Afghanistan, many questions seem to be still unanswered.

In Afghanistan, there is no victory but only violence.  

Violence in Afghanistan has increased many fold these days.

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