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Daria Marchenko’s “The Face of War” has captured world attention as it was painstakingly created by empty bullets picked from the war torn streets of Ukraine.

“The Face of War”, an installation of multimedia art works by the Ukrainian artists Daria Marchenko and Daniel Green depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin using war materials like Shell casings gathered from the war ravaged Eastern Ukraine.

Daria Marchenko created the eight feet tall portrait made up of 5000 bullet casings and was presented along with a novel narrating the hardships of  six persons involved with the project, including Daria Merchenko’s own story in her Studio in Kyiv in 2015.

“A bullet shell is a symbol of an interrupted life. The world does not realise just how much my country has lost. So this desire to work with more and more shells came naturally,” the artist critically reacted during the Exhibition in Kyiv.

“The Face of War” is the first in the series, “The Five Elements of War”, all crafted by using the debris recovered from the war inflicted-Ukraine.

“As an artwork, I think it is very pretty, creative, and unique. But I also think it is very sad and unfortunate that such a creation could be made. The fact that it is created using bullet shells is equally powerful and unfortunate.

 Edgar Degas, the 19th Century French artist philosopher famously said: Art is not just what you see, but what you make others see,” said the renowned artist Shailja Jain and Founder of Shailja’s Studio, an Art Space and Gallery in Gurugram, Haryana that welcomes all forms of art – visual, performance and literary.

The renowned artist Daria Marchenko graduated from the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.

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