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SWARANJALI Delhi in association with Dwani Foundation presents SWAR DHWANI FESTIVAL 2024 at C D Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi on 7 January 2023 from 2.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

“Music is a painting of the inner soul, and creativity is the greatest art form of Human soul, Music heals our life and helps us to meditate apart from cleaning our hearts.  Swar Dhwani festival 2024 is our initiative to promote, preserve and present a new generation of talented artists of our rich classical musical heritage; Swaranjali has been doing since the last three decades in pan India,” Shri. Subrata De, an exponent of Sitar and founder of Swaranjali, New Delhi invites all for the forthcoming musical extravaganza.

“I always believe that if you want to do something from the bottom of your heart, it will be successful. Upcoming Swar Dhwani Festival 2024 is one of my dream projects towards the promotion of Indian Classical Music as well as my fellow musicians. I am very confident that together we will make it successful with a combination of young budding talents as well as senior well known artists from different places of India,” says renowned musician Pandit Susamoy Mishra.


SESSION-1  @ 2 PM 


Rudraksha (Tabla solo) / Monideep Moitra (Guitar) /  Chetan Joshi &  Bipul Ray (Flute & Santoor)  /  Saniya Patankar (Vocal)

SESSION -2  @ 6 PM 

Subrata De (Sitar)  /  Iman Das   (Vocal)  /  Yashwant Vaishnav & Mrinal Upadhyay  (Tabla – Pakhawaj Duet)


Devendra Verma | Siddhartha Chatterjee | Saptak Sharma | Amritesh Sandilya | Prabhakar Pandey | Ankit Parikh | Lalit Sisodia |

“Music is an image of the composer’s soul. It is a combination of expression and creativity and when combined best, it is a form of meditation that helps in cleansing and healing of the human mind. Swar Dhwani Festival 2024 is an effort to showcase such soulful music performed by young artists who bring in a fresh perspective to the hundreds of years old cultural heritage. Swaranjali has been instrumental in promoting such art of the youth across India over three decades,” says renowned artist Vidhushi Barnalee Sarkar,  Bengaluru.

“Jugalbandi in Bhartiya music is not parallel to duet. Duets in my opinion, where both the performers take the similar path to reach a common goal. In other words it could be called a preconceived, well- rehearsed presentation of a composition. Jugalbandi in my opinion is reaching the common goal by taking different paths. Both the performers may not think similar, their abilities, experience and approach to the aesthetics might differ, yet they work hard to enhance and establish the purity and beauty of the Raag. For example, a garland of roses; every flower looks and works to enhance the beauty of the garland.  Every flower might be different but when put together in a flower vase, they contribute to the overall beauty. 

I will present a jugalbandi along with young and talented Dr. Bipul Kumar Roy on flute and Santoor respectively. Shri Siddharth Chakraborty and Shri Ankit Parekh will accompany us on Tabla and Pakhawaj respectively,” remarks Pandit Chetan Joshi ji.


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