24 January 2023


TASMAI – PONDICHERRY on Wednesday/ 25 January 2023/ 4.00 PM – 5.30 PM/

TASMAI, a Centre for Art and Culture, Pondicherry conducts a unique workshop on STREET PHOTOGRAPHY by YANN LE NY, a young PHOTOGRAPHER  from France.

 YANN LE NY is here at Pondicherry showing his black and white photographs in the Exhibition SPLEEN AND IDEAL.  He chooses black and white, his favourite medium to share his insight, expressing his sensitivity to the world and showing now. The sadness that a child can suddenly feel overwhelmed by the unspeakable and the feeling of being alone in the world, reflects in his unique frames.

“I traveled a lot and at the very top I was sensitive to the misery of this world and injustices, so it was natural that I allied the two, specializing in street photography”, YANN LE NY, the young photographer shares his experiences in the streets of his sojourn in many countries.

YANN LE NY started his Show in 2015 and he has been exhibiting his ‘street photographs’ in many places, the Town Hall of Hirosaki, Japan in connection with photographs of his father. He shares the moments of emotion as he recollected that he saw his father shooting on film when he was a little kid.

“I studied graphic design, but when I was little I watched my father take his silver photos in his lab set up in a room of the house, it was really him who gave me a taste for photography”, says YANN LE NY.

“I studied in my city of birth, Strasbourg (in eastern France less than 10 km from Germany)”, he shares his nostalgic memories.

”Strasbourg is my hometown and I remember those on the gates of Strasbourg City Hall as part of the Francophonie Week in 2017 and 2018 but also at the Council of Europe in 2019 and in the Without gallery Art Gallery,”says YANN LE NY.

He has exhibited his photographs in Tunisia, where he lived for 8 months , Medina of Kairouan in 2018, Kairouan Museum and at Tunis(la Marsa) in 2019. In India, he has exhibited in the city of Pondicherry, which he likes most at the Alliance Francaise in 2017 and 2018, at the Tasmai Art Gallery in 2020 and again now in 2023.  His Group Show with artist Francoise Brigardis will continue at Tasmai, Pondicherry till Saturday, 28 January 2023.

Please bring your Mobile or any other cameras for the ‘Street Photography Workshop” and enjoy the art of ‘Street Photography’ that focus on traces left by humanity, about life.

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