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SOUMI MAJUMDAR, a versatile Hindustani Vocalist was born in a musical family, and her first musical lessons started from her mother Srimati Sujata Majumdar, Hindustani Vocalist. Later she was trained under the guidance of renowned vocalist Pandit Tushar Dutta. Presently, she is under the conscientious guidance of Ustad Raza Ali Khan, the torchbearer of Kasur Patiala Gharana  who  is the son of Ustad Munawar Ali Khan and grandson of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, the epitome of Hindustani Classical Music. She is an ex-scholar of West Bengal state music Academy under the tutelage of her guruji under the supervision of legendary musician and Playback Singer Banga Bibhushan Gitashree Sandhya Mukherjee. 

“During my scholarship at the West Bengal State Music Academy under the guidance of Ustad Raza Ali Khan, the legendary artist Sandhya Mukherjee used to visit our class. She attentively listened to our sessions and shared valuable insights drawn from her extensive musical journey and experience. I would like to share one such precious moment: one day while listening to my rendition (that I have learnt under the tutelage of my Guru), she put her hand on my head for blessings, and advised me to give priority to my career as a singer. I have then joined as a chemistry teacher in a college and had a plan to pursue as a Chemistry teacher in future. Her advice was very evocative and thoughtful, as she said: “Many are born as artists after many births, this birth of yours is an artist’s birth, value what God has given you, sing with your heart”. These words of Geetashree Sandhya Mukhopadhyay changed the course of my life,” recollects renowned musician Soumi Majumdar.

E-Andhar Ki Kore Katai

Soumi Majumdar’s rendition and graceful voice has won the hearts of both classical and contemporary music lovers in equal measure. Her Bengali original songs composed by renowned Composer and musician Shri Subhashis Mukhopadhyay clearly speak of her classical depth touched with a uniqueness of her own. Bengali original songs of Soumi Majumdar are quite popular and received with great applause; the songs are widely accessible in worldwide audio platforms and digital stores.

“Some of my Thumri and Ghazal happen to be in a pride of place when used in sequences by the distinguished writer and director of this time, Faseeh Bari Khan, in few of his short films like “Meet Aur Harmeet”, ” Yeh Kaun si science hai”, “Kaun Hai ye aadmi”, “Ghareloo Aurat” and many more. This has garnered significant popularity,” she added.

Thumri by Soumi Majumdar in the short film, ‘Meet Aur Harmeet’

“I feel from my heart that music can break the barriers that exist between classes, communities, genders, religions, nationalities and political sects, and hope that music can alone put a stop to war and political differences. My mission is to reflect the power and depth of Indian Music on the Universal scale,” says the renowned musician Soumi Majumdar who is giving ‘taalim’ to the young generation. She also works as lecturer in Chemistry in Narasinha Dutt College, Howrah, West Bengal.

“Being a dedicated pursuer of music, I keep my mission to carry on as a rich receiver so that all my in depth feelings and sensibility become contemplative and introspective of true and serene melody. I yearn for grace and piety in my musical journey,” she added.

Musician Soumi Majumdar is giving her entire efforts for enhancement and motivation on a wider platform particularly for the aspirations and true music lovers. She has her mindset for arranging concerts in ‘Baithaki’ Series and also for large audience to foster music participation by new aspirations, performers and renowned artists and popularizing Indian classical and Semi Classical Music.

Each and every stream of music creates its own aroma, and singularity–each belongs to a unique gharana, carries its distinctive indulgence, ecstasy, restraint, lesson and aesthetic finesse. Music is more than just a form of expression; it’s a lifelong journey of self-discovery. My artistic pursuit goes beyond personal enjoyment; it’s about seeking inspiration, refining skills and sharing a vision. Through my art, I aim to evoke emotions, stimulate thinking and inspire others. Music isn’t just my activity—it’s my identity,” says the renowned artist.

Renowned Hindustani Vocalist Soumi Majumdar is an awardee in khayal in West Bengal State Music Academy and winner of the 2nd Pratima Chandra Memorial Award-2017 organised by Pratima Chandra Foundation and the Doverlane Music Conference and the Doverlane Music Academy. She is an empanelled artist of Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (A grade in Khayal) and a regular performer artist in All India Radio and Television.

Renowned musician Soumi Majumdar has performed at various prestigious Classical and Semi-Classical concerts and her rendition and graceful voice has won the hearts of lovers of Classical as well as contemporary music including the Thumri-Dadra, Bhajan, Ghazal and Bengali modern songs (Adhunik).


Sajiye Rekhechi Raat

Renowned musician Soumi Majumdar has performed at many prestigious festivals including Ayee Bahar Utsav 2014 at Princep Memorial; Annual Classical Music Conference 2017  at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata ; Performed at Poush Utsav 2014, Programmes organised by Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre; ‘Uchchango Sangeeter Asor’ 2013 at Ramakrishna Mission, Purulia; ‘Nutan Juger Bhore’ at Rajya Sangeet Academy Bhavan organised by West Bengal State Music Academy, Government of West Bengal; ‘Dui Bankim’ at Bangla Academy, Kolkata; ‘Bishwa Banga Sahitya Sanskriti Sammelan’ by Government of West Bengal; Performed at ‘Barshamangal’ (Khayal & Thumri) on Monsoon Raga at Girish Manch and ‘Charukala Utsav’, Festival of ‘Fine Arts’ organized by Information & Cultural Affairs, Government of West Bengal; Annual Classical Music Conference 2015, 2017 organised by West Bengal State Music Academy at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata; Performed Classical and Sem-classical Music at the ‘Dhrupadrekha’; ‘Charukala Utsav’ 2018 at katara Manch, Rabindrasadan; Performed on the concluding day of prestigious ‘Bishnupur Music Festival 2021’ organized By Tourism Ministry, Government of West Bengal; ‘Sabrang Baithak, 2022’ and ‘Sabrang Classical Music Concert,2022’ at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata and Dakkhini Sangeet Sammelan 2024, Kolkata.

She has released a Bengali song Album Anuranan for which she was nominated and awarded in Mirchi Music Award 2017. Bengali original songs of Musician Soumi Majumdar are quite popular and received with applause and the songs are widely accessible in worldwide audio platforms and digital stores.

Renowned Hindustani Musician Soumi Majumdar has been honoured with many awards. Being blessed and acknowledged by renowned senior vocalists and musicians with whom she came in close contact, her God-gifted mellifluous voice, musical potential, devotion and meticulous efforts that made her gain appreciation in the musical world. 

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