The US has decided to partner with the UK-India led Green Grids Initiative proposed at the COP26 Climate Summit at Glasgow recently. 

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Garanholm said that the US is excited to be back in the climate discussions and to partner with the new initiative of the Green Grids Initiative – One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG).

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the COP26 have launched GGI-OSOWOG during the Glasgow Summit in the UK.

 The ISA was launched at COP 21 at Paris and now expanded to include all member states of the UN for developing solar power grids.

The global power grid was first announced by Narendra Modi in the first meeting of ISA in 2018. Later the UK supported the OSOWOG Project.

“The US is interested in helping countries that do not have access to electricity by leveraging the power of the sun. The US is focusing on next generation technologies to ensure solar panels and grids that are consistently efficient across markets and geographies,” US Secretary for Energy said.

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