26 JUNE 2021


The Cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML) has started installing Smart Electricity Meters replacing existing Meters without any change in tariff.

The consumers can take meter readings on their own and can monitor consumption of electricity on the mobile number through an App installed

Without visiting homes, electricity bills can be generated.

The initiative aims to promote smart cities that provide core infrastructure and quality life to the citizens.

The Smart Cities Mission (SCM) aims to rejuvenate the existing urban area into a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart Solutions’.

Kochi is among the first 20 cities selected under the Smart Cities Mission in the country.

The Mission has implemented over 5100 projects of  Rs. 2,05,000 crore during the last five years in the country.

The government primarily attends to the citizen’s basic needs of food, shelter, water, sanitation, roads, electricity.   As economies and societies mature governments have to respond to more social needs and should create economic opportunities and prioritise values of equity and openness.

 But even in urban areas of local administration, the quality of life seems to be stagnant and poor.

The Smart Cities are implementing Projects with focus on economic growth creating smart ecosystems, innovations, research, ideas and creativity in the country.

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