24 August 2023


Inauguration on 25 August 2023 @ 4 PM

“Every flower that blooms and every bird that flies in the blue sky, every shoot that emerges from the earth holds within the hope for the future. Nature is synonymous with harmony. The harmony that is so important in our lives” – CHINMAYA DEVY TRIES TO CAPTURE THIS BEAUTY IN A CREATIVE WAY TO MAKE AWARE THROUGH A SHOW – SINGING BLOSSOMS at TASMAI, Pondicherry on 25 August 2023. The Show will continue till 31 August 2023.

CHINMAYA DEVI is a Textile designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and worked as a Print Designer in the Home furnishing industry and presently working as Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Children’s magazines. She also conducts Chinmayam Art and Design Studio, Pondicherry. She studied Art therapy and teaches art to students and adults. Being a nature enthusiast, she tries to portray the bond between humans and nature through  her art. Chinmaya Devi hails from Pondicherry.

As part of the ARTIVISM Project of TASMAI, Pondicherry, Chinmaya Devi painted on the newly constructed Toilet for girls in Government School, Bahoor, celebrating the importance of Toilet for the Girls.

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