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Revitalisation Initiative by SAPTI


From Stone to Sculpture – Discover a Fusion of timeless art and modern craft

The Jeevant Shilpa, Sculpture Symposium was organized by SAPTI, an institute of Stone Art and Craft, at Gandhinagar, Gujarat from 23 December 2023 to 12  January 2024.

 Jeevant Shilpa – Stone Sculpture Symposium is yet another step forward after the successful completion of 5 earlier stone sculpture symposiums organised by SAPTI, participating 27 senior and upcoming sculptors across India, from the states of Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, New Delhi, Chandigarh and Gujarat.

“Based on the outstanding results of earlier symposiums, Jeevant Shilpa too produced impressive stone sculptures. In addition, concerted outreach measures were adopted to promote interaction of the general masses with the sculptors carving stones in public, thereby increasing the understanding and perspective about art, stone sculptures and public art. The large body of sculptures produced during this symposium (29, using the Gujarat Stones of Ambaji White Marble, Dhranghadra Sandstone, Kutch Yellow Ochre Limestone) are intended to be displayed at various public places and parks for the aesthetic appreciation and awareness,” said the organisers of the programme.

“The eventual expression of the participating sculptors in stone is truly vibrant as the name of the symposium suggests. While Sangam Vankhade, a young and upcoming sculptor amalgamates the traditional architecture of Gujarat in his sculpture, Sri Ratilal Kansodaria has conveyed the importance of water conservation. Similarly, Sri Ratan Kumar Saha has ingeniously integrated the mechanical bearings to impart mobility and movement to some of the elements of the bull form that he created.  Avani Patel, has personified her expression in a bold female form which sums up her conceptual artistic approach. Nidhi Sabhay on the other hand has tried to capture the ethereal essence of fragrance in a hard material such as stone. Lalit, Rajnish and Narendra Dewangan have touched upon various facets of nature ranging from germination, conservation and its integration with urbanization. Dharam Netam has given form to the everlasting love of a mother for her child in the purity of the white marble. Likewise, Sri Madan Lal, Tulsiram Prajapati and Narinder J S Maloya have also explored the concepts of origin through sapling and seed forms.  Rohit, Vishal, Harpal, Ramandeep and Devang ji have explored the forms and human posture related to meditation and Yoga. Jagdeep has explored human relations in unison with nature as a whole and its vulnerabilities. Dharmendra too has attempted to give the ‘sound’ a more physical form, portrayed as an architectural edifice. Sri Jitendra Patel has distinctly adopted an additive approach of layered stone assembly contrary to the glyptic approach in the depiction of a flame-like form,” he added.

Stone Artisan Park Training Institute (SAPTI), a government of Gujarat initiative to preserve and promote the vibrant stone craft industry of the state, was established in 2009 to harness the tremendous potential of the state’s stone industry and to build its rich heritage of stone art and architecture. SAPTI as an institute of Stone Art and Craft  continues to focus on skill formation and knowledge-building to enrich the stone-based artwork in the country. 

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