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Triveni Gallery presents Shape of Imagination – renowned artist Suvajit Samanta’s sculptural works on 13 April 2023 at New Delhi.

SHAPE OF IMAGINATION showcases fifteen of his recent creations, which offer viewers a chance to experience the artist’s poetic vision without requiring any prior knowledge of art history. 

A sculptor keeps his memories and observations alive primarily through modeling his maquettes, giving form to his sketched ideas.The shape of Imagination brings almost fifteen of his poetic attempts together in this rare occasion where you can walk, feel and experience the maker’s attempt without being confused in the jargons from history of sculpture,” said the curator.


“An idea reflects the artist’s core concern about the quickly emerging skyscrapers in urban areas disrupting the natural flora-fauna & human interference through the symbolic addition of wheels on slow moving tortoises.

‘Chiseled’, the meticulously hand sculpted wooden bag brings the sculptor’s years of academic training, expertise and understanding of method, material. On the other side while appreciating Intermingled seems as a response to the balanced equation of human need based object and flow of nature.

Sculpting music shows the artist’s empathy towards the simplicity and free flow of village life, tradition & folk culture. Embracing opens our mind how both nature and man-made architecture can coexist happily while marrying each other.

Blooming is a perfect example showing the thought process of claiming back and transitioning with a sweet note.

‘Awaiting’, a tiger sitting with a royal posture in a meticulously crafted tent, metaphorically opens up a discussion on socio-political events/ happening.

Frozen moment 1 and 2 blurred the limitation of the language of sculpture when a beautiful, observed moment can also be exhibited without any help of photography,” the curator briefs about the works.

The renowned sculptor Suvajit Samanta, captures the essence of ordinary life events that often go unnoticed or unrecorded,  and here he elaborately discusses in detail through his magnificent sculptors in the show.


DATE :13-21 April 2023/11.00 AM–8.00 PM.

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