13 JANUARY 2022


“Art is my life – I need that expression just as I breathe every day,” says the famous artist Sajid Bin Amar.

Sajid Bin Amar says about his own work as “experimental” and his experience as a printmaker and the process of creating artworks using a hand technique, usually on paper, help him register the feel of the new and rewarding skill on his canvas.

 Usually in printmaking, an artist draws, etches images on stone, wood or metal plate, then coated with ink and covers with a transferring base of paper and printed with a roller press or a hand press. Now he makes identical multiples of the artwork, called the prints which are considered as the original work of art, namely “impressions”. Nowadays prints receive great appreciation and they are drawn, cut and printed in very limited editions.

 “My experience as a printmaker helps me register an unusual relationship up on the canvas, Bubble-wrap impressions, line drawing portraits, scribbles, glossy clippings and patches of thick and thin paint integrate the diversity of various narratives. Yet, many elements create a dynamism only understood by the eye and a private script of subjective experiences,” said the eminent artist, Sajid Bin Amar.

The advantage as a painter and printmaker Sajid Bin Amar cleverly use, in his paintings has a graphic qualities and same in his prints has a painterly approach a good creative understanding on both the mediums.

He has conducted many solo, group shows and workshops in India and abroad.

He was awarded a Gold medal in MFA (Painting & Printmaking) by the Central University, Hyderabad.

Most of his works are in collection and exhibition with the famous Pundole Art Gallery and auction house, Mumbai, National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal) and Chester and Herwitz ( USA).

Sajid Bin Amar has worked as a teacher in graphics and painting in the department of Fine Arts, SN School, University of Hyderabad.

He is now a visiting faculty at PS Telugu University, Hyderabad.

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