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Solo art exhibition by Nikita Agarwal

The talented artist, Nikita Agarwal, presents an exquisite art exhibition titled ‘Ripples of Reflection’ at Open Palm, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi from 1 September 2023 till 4 September 2023 (11 AM to 7 PM) 

Nikita Agarwal is a Kolkata-based talented artist known for her vibrant mixed media art. With a deep passion for nature and colour, she brings her unique artworks, capturing the essence of her surroundings. 

Nikita Agarwal ‘s art reflects a blend of spirituality and modernity, inspired by the Holy City, Varanasi.

“A talented artist from Kolkata, Nikita Agarwal is set to present her captivating art exhibition in New Delhi. With a degree in business management from MATS University and a diploma in Fashion Designing from NIFT, Nikita Agarwal brings her eclectic mixed media art to life on canvas, showcasing spirited use of colors, ranging from soft to bold shades.

Nikita believes that ‘Talent is just a pursued interest’.  She has passionately pursued her love for art since her childhood. Starting with sketches on paper, she translates her vision onto the canvas, enjoying the process of using different color palettes to bring her creations to life. Her creativity flows naturally, allowing her to follow her artistic instincts and create captivating pieces,” says the Curator of the show.

“Growing from a hobby into a passion, Nikita is a self-trained artist who found her artistic voice early on. For her, art is a way to express emotions and connect with the world. Raised in a home surrounded by Frangipani trees in Raipur, she currently resides in Kolkata with her family. Nikita’s love for nature and keen eye for detail shine through her art, each piece reflecting her unique perspective on the world,” the Curator added.

“I am inspired by Varanasi’s spiritual significance and aim to convey my personal connection through abstraction. The abstract paintings breathe life into Varanasi’s ghats, the embankments leading to the sacred Ganges. The paintings capture the play of light and shadow, the intricate architecture and the bustling life along the river,” Nikita Agarwal shares about her upcoming solo exhibition.

“Yoga isn’t just a word; it’s an emotion that connects me to my fifteen-year-old self. Daily practice of yoga fuels my energy and inner tranquility, fostering personal growth and mindfulness,” Nikita Agarwal also shares about her passion for yoga.

Nikita Agarwal’s captivating artworks offer a fresh perspective on the ancient city of Varanasi. Her abstract paintings capture the city’s spiritual energy through bold colours, fluid brushstrokes and dynamic forms.


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