13 January 2023/


VRINDAN FOUNDATION in association with MUKTANGAN presents RHYTHM CODE, an interactive Global Rhythm jamming session showcasing the story and journey of Indian rhythm groove through different avenues of world percussion with Indian folk and Raga.  Musicians interact with the live audience coming from different walks of life through different rhythm grooves; the complete involvement of artists and audience throughout the journey of rendition. The language of rhythm in terms of its expression, emotions dynamics and esthetic through a beautiful collaboration of acoustic and digital soundscape of multi percussion like Tabla, Handsonic, Djembe, Ghattam, Cajon, Nakkara, Srikhol, Morsing, Electric Sitar, Sarangi and Flute gives audience a fresh energetic feel of life.

RHYTHM CODE, the Global Drums Project features renowned multi percussionist Arunangshu Chaudhury, traditional Nakkara player Mani Prasad, Srikhol player Sjujay Chakravarty and Manish Sharma on Cajon, Ravi on Ghattam and Morsing with a Slide guitarist (Mohan Veena) Dipanker Roy, Sitar Uma Shankar, Doumbek Fakruddin Sina and a flutist Saubhagya Gandharv at Muktangan, Usha Farm, New Delhi on Sunday, 14 January 2024.

“In a fast paced world like today; where anxiety and distress looms large – Vrindan is hopeful of alleviating people from this chaos and bestowing upon them the ‘calm’ –that they have unconsciously or otherwise; been in search of. Vrindan enlightens the society by teaching, performing and engaging commoners through creative activities like Music, Dance, Yoga, Painting, Theatre and many more.  We strongly believe that music can change the society as it can make people compassionate, empathetic and spiritually connected to the world of creativity- SRISHTI, the universal truth of humanity,” says Arunangshu Chaudhury, renowned multi-percussionist and  founder President of Vrindan Foundation for Art and Culture, New Delhi.

“Vrindan Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential by recognizing the possibility of empowerment through the efforts of the community as a whole, while the organization is a mere facilitator in this process of transformation. It lights the lamp in many lives of poor children by teaching them music through their workshops and empower the youth to be self-dependent by earn their living through performing and visual arts or through craft design, he added.

The same show – RHYTHM CODE will be performed at Depot 48, on 28 January 2024 to spread the nuances of  this percussion folk ensemble in non-conventional places  and to its newer audience.

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