24 March 2024/


VRINDAN FOUNDATION FOR ART AND CULTURE presented Rhythm Code – contemporary soundscape of traditional instruments by renowned artists accompanied by talented young artists. Also presented YUVA PRAKASH, an initiative to empower lives through cultural programmes and YUVA PRAKASH AWARD 2024 to renowned artists at Triveni Kala Sangam Auditorium, New Delhi.

On 22nd of March 2024, Vrindan Foundation organised their annual award ceremony for some underprivileged children and also honoured young established artists from different discipline of art forms- Music, Dance, Theatre, Painting, Visual arts, Printmaking, Textile Design, Photography, Film Making, Poetry, Sculpture, Museum Design and Craft making.

Some of the visually challenged children performed with the stalwart musicians and dancers and some autistic children performed classical music, tiny toddlers matched their footsteps with master Kathak dancers.

RHYTHM CODE also showcased the traditional instruments like Nakkara, Shahnai, Tabla, Sarangi, Mohan Veena, Ghattam and Pakhawaj with Kathak Dance, marking the programme unique.

“The beauty of Indian traditional Music and Dance left the audience completely spellbound. The great and Innovative   initiative of performing together with physically and mentally challenged children together made this total program a unique initiative in the field of art for community welfare. The mission caption Think, Talk and Live Artfully is completely justified through the endeavors and work for the society,” says the organisers of the programme.

“Vrindan Foundation for Art and Culture is a non-profit human service organization dedicated to cultivating human potential by recognizing the possibility of empowerment through the efforts of the community as a whole, while the organization is a mere facilitator in this process of transformation.  In a fast paced world like today, where anxiety and distress looms large – Vrindan is hopeful of alleviating people from this chaos and bestowing upon them the ‘calm’ – that they have unconsciously or otherwise been in search of. Vrindan enlightens the society by teaching, performing and engaging commoners through creative activities like music, dance, yoga, painting, theatre and many more,” remarks Arunangshu Chaudhury, renowned musician and founder, Vrindan Foundation, New Delhi.

“Vrindan Foundation has been supporting the physically and mentally challenged children and economically weaker artists in all means, providing the facility of education and platform to be recognized. Vrindan lights the lamp in many lives of poor children by teaching them music through the workshops and empowering the youth to be self-dependent and earn their living through performing visual arts or through art and craft design,” he added.

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