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The renowned artist Larissa Noury, Architect-colourist and Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris writes on ‘REAL COLOURS & CULTURES’, an international event held at Mulhouse, France – Dornach, Switzerland during April 23-26, 2024.

“The actual harmony effect only occurs when all colors are used in such a way that they balance each other” – Goethe, Treatise on Colors (1810)

Colors evoke emotions, memories and associations deeply rooted in cultural contexts. Colors’ meanings vary across society and time and reflect language, symbolism, aesthetics and power relations. In Western cultures, the color white is often associated with purity, innocence and peace – in China and Japan traditionally with death and grief. In medieval Europe, blue was associated with humility. In Renaissance art, however, with divine power. These examples show that color meanings are not defined or universal, but are shaped by cultural and historical contexts,said Sämi LUDWIG, the organizer of international event, ‘REAL COLOURS & CULTURES’ and Professor at UHA Mulhouse, France.

REAL COLOURS & CULTURES, the International event was held at Mulhouse, France – Dornach, Switzerland, participated in by more than 50 artists, scientists and researchers from the USA, France, Switzerland, China, India, Great Brittany, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Finland and other countries.

“How do cultural norms values shape the way we perceive and use colors? How do the colors of different cultures express social, political and religious meaning? How do technological innovations and environmental concerns influence color production and consumption? How do colors influence our moods, behavior and well-being? How do artists, writers, designers and architects use colors to express aesthetic, symbolic or functional ideas? How do Scientists and Engineers study and manipulate colors in various fields of research ?

With these and other questions, the conference aimed to promote a deeper understanding of the complex interaction between colors and cultures and gain new insights into how colors shape our understanding of the world around us,” says Prof. Sämi LUDWIG, the organizer of international event, ‘REAL COLOURS & CULTURES’ .

Many contributions from researchers around the world who are interested in exploring the fascinating and multi-layered world of colors and cultures were presented during the three-day International Conference.

“Among the very impressive presentations were keynotes: Anne-Camille CHARLIAT (artiste, Sorbonne, Paris),  De la couleur au noir : Poétique de l’invisible, Eric VITUS, Caran d’Ache, Genève, “Histoire des crayons”, Karine MOUGIN (UHA Mulhouse, France), “ Surface Colour on Demand: the Chameleon Effect”. The program of this event was very complete and interesting. The inauguration and other receptions took place in MISE (Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes


where a special reception was organized in the City of Mulhouse as well as one day of visits, ateliers and conferences at Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland,” said Prof. Sämi LUDWIG in the three-day international event, ‘REAL COLOURS & CULTURES’.

“I am proud of the scope of approaches featured in this collection. It certainly shows that color is an important indicator of difference, of variety in our experience of the world, as we know it. It also shows that the range of color theories is open in many directions. Color is everywhere. Seeing color is a sign of a healthy understanding of ourselves, of our environment, and of others, too, because the world is theirs as well. We can recognize color in its changing perceived shades and variations in the environment as if we can recognize shapes in perspectives of spatial distortions. Thus, our knowledge of color can surpass merely perceptualist phenomenal limitations,” he also added.

The Celebrations marked the unique exhibition of Paintings and books organized at UHA Mulhouse, FLSH, Illberg Campus. Renowned artist Dr. Larissa Noury  has presented her new creations on tactile painting as well as her books ‘Symbolic of Colours. Art, design and Architecture’ and ‘The world of Colour: Art and Haute couture’ in UHA Milhouse. Many professional colorists from different countries experienced touching colours and discovered the energy of seven tactile paintings created especially for this event by Dr. Larissa Noury.

“The color is par excellence, the part of art which holds the magical gift. While the subject, the shape, the line are addressed first to thought, color has no meaning for intelligence, but she has all the powers of sensitivity.” – This quote of Eugene Delacroix always inspires me for the new artworks on textile and canvas paintings,” said Dr. Larissa Noury who presided as the chair of session “Colors and Painters”, and performed with her painted dresses and gave the conferences about “Colors in Fashion. Art & Haute couture” in Halde Atelier, Goetheanum (Dornach, Switzerland).

The International Conference provided a platform for scientists and researchers from different disciplines to explore and understand the complex and dynamic relationships between colors and cultures. It requires an interdisciplinary approach based on diverse fields of knowledge such as anthropology, psychology, linguistics, art history, design and technology. Also explored  the cultural dimensions of colors and their impact on various aspects of human life, including art, literature, design, architecture, science and technology.  

“A new book ‘COLOURS AND CULTURES’ as a continuation of this conference will be published soon.

LONG LIVE COLOR !” –  said Sämi LUDWIG, the organizer of international meeting ‘REAL COLOURS & CULTURES’ and Professor at UHA Mulhouse, France.

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