2 JANUARY 2022


 “This street looks more beautiful during monsoon time!

This is my studio. 

Since my early childhood, I have had an infinite love on human faces and I don’t really know why.

I started off by drawing comics and celebrity images. What began as fun, later became my profession.

My college lecturer Mr. Manohar is an extraordinary watercolor artist, specializing in landscapes. He truly inspired me to do watercolor portraits. This is how I began my journey as a watercolor artist.

Almost 30 years have gone past and my passion and enthusiasm remain the same.

Spontaneous spreading and blending of colors is quite spectacular, I try to bring out the feelings and emotions of a face as brush strokes and colors.

I never try to perfect or correct my art. My brush strokes are liberating and my paintings are my signature…. I would even say it’s my voice.

It’s a pity that we are losing traditional, authentic and natural looking faces. Years back, I could easily paint nomadic people who roam around the villages but now they are disappearing!  Documenting these figures through my paintings is a necessity.

I strongly feel,  capturing hardworking people’s skin tones can only be done using a simple and unglitter watercolor medium.

Can you just imagine the rare moment in a rickshaw man’s life who has consumed liquor, murmurs an old song and sits majestically like a king in his rickshaw?

 My own village people are the prime resources for my painting.   Their rare body language, costumes and their vehicles are highly appealing.  I admire these people. I love painting them, and they constantly inspire me.

Art market and art trends are not my priority.  I do what my soul pleases,” says the renowned artist Rajkumar Stabathi.

Rajkumar Sthabathy is a Pondichery-based artist who works solely with water colours.

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