On 3 November 2021, at least 110 leaders representing 85 percent of Earth’s forests signed the COP26 Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forests and Land Use committing to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030, UN COP26 Newsletter report said.

Many international Companies and banks joined with the political leaders on this journey to save “the lungs of our planet”.

It’s a pivotal pledge to save and restore our planet’s forests in COP26 World- Leaders Summit to combat climate change, curb biodiversity destruction and hunger, and to protect indigenous people’s rights. 

114 leaders including from China, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Indonesia and Russia, which together have 85 percent of the world’s forests, endorsed the Plan of 12 billion dollars in public and 7.2 billion dollars in private funding. Leaders of more than 30 financial institutions including Aviva, Schroders and Axa agreed to end investment in activities linked to deforestation.

“Signing the declaration is the easy part. It is essential that it is implemented now for people and the planet,” UN chief tweeted.

Methane Pledge

Another major commitment announced was the Methane Pledge, signed by 104 countries including the US and European Union representing 70 percent of the global economy aims to reduce methane emissions by at least 30 percent by 2030.

Methane is the second biggest greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.

UK’s Glasgow Breakthroughs to speed up affordable clean tech worldwide

Over 40 world leaders from US, China, India, EU and other developing countries signed the new Breakthrough Agenda modeled on the UK’s landmark net zero strategy to deliver clean and affordable technology everywhere by 2030.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out the first five goals covering 50 percent of global emissions.

·        The Plan will coordinate countries and business groups to accelerate innovations and scale up green technologies in areas of Power, Road Transport, Steel, Hydrogen and Agriculture and could create 20 million jobs globally and cut emissions round the world.

·        Leaders will discuss global progress every year in each sector starting from 2022, supported by annual reports by the International Energy Agency with the International Renewable Energy Agency and the UN.

Leaders agreed to launch a series of new initiatives in support of the Glasgow Breakthroughs including:

·        UK-India Green Grid Initiative – One Sun One World One Grid (OSOWOG), endorsed by more than 80 countries to ensure clean energy for all.

·        Global Energy Alliance for People & Planet with an initial 10 billion dollar funding.

·        AIM4C, a new initiative by the US and UAE with the support of 30 Countries  for sustainable,  smart agriculture and food systems innovation.

·        The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Programme for clean energy  bringing down costs and creating markets for green hydrogen, Direct Air Capture, long duration energy storage and sustainable aviation fuel.

·        The First Movers Coalition, a US- led buyers clubmaking purchase commitments to help commercialise emerging clean technologies in sectors like steel, trucking, shipping, aviation, aluminium, concrete, chemicals and direct air capture.

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