3 JULY 2020


Amid the border conflict in Ladakh and Defence Ministry’s approval of Rs. 39,900 crore purchase of weapons, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ladakh and addressed the brave soldiers who were protecting our borders under severe conditions.

The surprise visit of Prime Minister to Ladakh came after three rounds of talks between Indian and Chinese military higher officials to end transgression and upkeep of peace in border areas. Nothing came out but building up of troops and weapons were seen along the boundary.

‘’The age of expansionism is over, this is the era of development….Whenever we have seen expansionist tendencies, these have spelt danger for world peace. Everyone knows that the country, the world and humanity can only be progressed on the basis of peace and friendship.’’ The strong message was given by Prime Minister Narendra  Modi  after paying respects to the soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan Valley exactly 17 days ago during a face-off in border with the Chinese troops.

Reacting on the Prime Minister’s speech, Chinese Foreign Ministry warned India that Prime Minister’s comments on ‘expansionism’ as being exaggerated and fabricated. India should not complicate the situation along the border. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian was very specifically warned against the ‘’artificial barriers’’ that would hurt economic relations, in reference to the banning of 59 Chinese apps and announcement of rejection of some of the major projects. China is now very much serious about the cancellation of road transport and high way projects and warns that it may violates WTO rules and business policies between two countries.


The move to ban the Chinese apps may be a start but other measures will definitely follow if tension on border continues. Chinese Companies would not be allowed to take part in road projects thereby putting a loss of billions of dollars. Earlier in the midst of disputes with Japan, South Korea and Philippines, Chinese goods were boycotted, but this time with India they are most worried because of the huge market potentials of Indian markets.  Chinese boycott of goods from South Korea, Japan and Philippines did not make any impact so far. But in the case of India, China is more worried about the Indian market. For TikTok, it is the biggest overseas market with more than 100 million users.


Hong Kong has been witnessing several months of violent pro-democracy protests last year, but recently China decided to enforce the most draconian new security law. The demands of protesters in Hong Kong for greater democracy and civil rights were rejected by passing the security law by Beijing. Though the mini-constitution of Hong Kong forbids Chinese officials from interfering in the affairs of Hong Kong, the recent security law surpasses all rules and regulations in the name of national security that forbids all freedom. The law came into effect on 30 June at 23.00 Hrs, an hour before the 23rd anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from British. Hong Kong is now a highly developed state that ranks fourth on the UN Human Development Index and ranked sixth in the Global Financial Centres Index.  The security law passed by China now prohibits all protests and curtails all freedom of speech and all crimes of secession, subversion, terrorism, collusion with foreign forces are punishable with maximum sentence of life in prison. The law will apply to non permanent residents and people from outside Home Kong. Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997 by the British under an agreement that a mini-constitution or the Basic Law with a principle of ‘’one country, two systems’. Freedom of speech, right to assembly, independent judiciary and other democratic rights are to be protected. But everything toppled in Hong Kong now.

 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated his willingness to extend  Citizenship to Hong Kong nationals if China does not withdraw the controversial security law. Many from other nations raise their protest including U.S and European Union, but all knew that nothing will happen in the walled country China. Many remember the 1989 incidence of Tiananmen Square, the massacre of thousands of demonstrators for freedom by the Chinese troops.  The Chinese government knew that all protests will be settled down and the countries will fall behind their economic and powerful military strength. The U.S was already in a dispute with China over trade and the novel corona pandemic, initiated eliminating Hong Kong’s special trade status. Many countries raised serious concern over the new security law that deprives the former British colony’s autonomy of the freest city and international financial centre.

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