11 December 2023


on 13th, 14th 

December 2023 and 20th December 2023 @ 3.00 PM

Jyoti Yadav, a self- taught artist and founder of Lakshmi Krafts, Pondicherry conducts a unique Craft Workshop –

PRESSED FLOWER WORKSHOP at Tasmai, a Centre for Art & Culture, Pondicherry in three sessions on 13, 14 & 20 December 2023.

The Pressed Flower Craft, the art of using pressed flowers, petals, leaves  and other materials  and paint  them in an artistic composition was started by Japanese artists in the 16th Century and it is practiced worldwide now. Today this unique beautiful craft has become synonymous with Pondicherry.

In this Workshop, Jyoti Yadav teaches how to press leaves, flowers and make crafts on cards, bookmarks and dining mats. After learning the technique, the creativity can be applied to make trays, lampshades, gift bags and many more.

Jyoti Yadav, a self-taught artist born in Nasik and brought up and educated in Pondicherry. She started this unique craft as a hobby and it became a passion, and started as a profession now.

“I am a self- taught Artist. Art and craft is my passion. I love to paint with watercolors and do pencil sketches. Just creating beautiful things gives me joy. I try to fill this happiness in my work as well as with the people who are working with me,” says Jyoti Yadav, creative and innovative entrepreneur.

Lakshmi Kraft, Pondicherry is a woman entrepreneur small scale handicraft unit to help local lady artisans to improve their living conditions by engaging the artisans to create beautiful artworks.  The skilled artisans of no formal education create crafts from locally available materials and decorate them with flower crafts after culturing, carving and hand polishing. They create unique artworks with their skilled hands with aspirations, imaginations and great emotions!

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