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Renowned artists Laxman Aelay and Priyanka Aelay, the father and daughter duo will be exhibiting their new works at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 25 October 2022 to 31 October 2022.

The solo shows titled ‘Poolamma’ (Laxman Aelay) and ‘proverbial pathways’ (Priyanka Aelay) were displayed earlier at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad last month.

“What is predominant and also common in this ambitious display of art is the central theme being ‘Poolamma’ that he picks up from a festivity which is widely celebrated amongst Dalit sects in most parts of the Telangana region. Poolamma literally means mother of flowers – synonymous with Telangana’s official floral festival, Bathukamma,” said  Anand Gadapa, the renowned artist and curator in  his note on Poolamma, the Goddess of Life.

Renowned artist Laxman Aelay is known for his nostalgic paintings that depict people of his own village. People who live in villages are his inspirations which he translates into bold figurative arts. 

“The rural figures he portrayed had miniature works on them…    Exquisite works which came alive and the wonder street singers or the lady gossiping. What joy!” says famous art promoter Manvinder Dawer, India Fine Art, Mumbai.

Artist Priyanka Aelay, believes that art is a medium to express freedom of thought and the performance only reinforced that belief.

“I  like the viewers to enter into my paintings, where they can feel the expansive beauty of nature and the diminutiveness of human existence, also I do not like boundaries, so in some works, paint flows onto the frames as well…,” Priyanka Aelay shares about her own works.

Priyanka’s paintings can be utmost defined as magical in creating a sensuous textural surface, tempting enough to feel the effervescence of emotions like love, care and longing for the beloved,” the renowned artist and researcher Dr. Nirmala Biluka illustrates the journey of  Priyanka Aelay as a painter who takes inspiration from the rich traditions and culture.

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