29 September 2022 /


Gallery 1000A in association with A.M. (Art Multi Disciplines) presents the Art Exhibition – PARADISE LOST

The renowned artist Saumik Chakraborty explores different mediums like charcoal, dry pastel, Ink, graphite and acrylic along with the usage of techniques like photocopy transfer. Most of his works come with a dominant surface (self-made) which also acts as a fantastic background and then we see the enactment of a subtle dialogue between the background and foreground.  He is a ‘self-taught’ art practitioner and an acclaimed stage craft designer. He has been associated with the theatre industry for the last 20 years with an experience of designing over 150 productions on stage.

“My first viewing of his art works took place rather informally, in fact I would like to call it an initiated accident, the reason I call it so is purely because of the sudden discovery of his work which I realized later with time. His work to me is pure allegory, an image of the contemporary social situation. They appeal and narrate not only to a restricted society but on a much larger scale; the landscape stretches out to reflect the communities and its history throughout the world. His selection of colours and tones along with the way he tackles various mediums only recites the metaphorical situation which he chronicles through the melancholic nature and sensitivity of his compositions.

He laments, screams, and cries in anxiety and despair, gets frustrated with the mental trauma he experiences due to the socio-political events triggering thoughts that get reflected in his work.  Saumik’s work also displays a deep feeling of re-visiting his past struggles, hope, memories, remembrances which he records with utter honesty and reality that again demonstrates the despair, pathos of the times gone by,” Ayan Mukherjee, the Curator of the Show appreciates the work of the eminent artist, Saumik Chakraborty.

Saumik Chakraborty’s PARADISE LOST is on show till 10th October 2022.

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