NIFT Patna conducts Aadiyogi Shiv ( A Journey in Cosmic Indigo) –  Textile Paintings Exhibition by Sangeeta Gupta,  renowned artist, Poet and Filmmaker at Central Hall, NIFT Patna, Bihar.

“Sangeeta, an acclaimed artist, poet and filmmaker, in her work showcases the elements of eternity and through them, journeys in the cosmic consciousness in abstract and symbolic forms in a massive 36 inches wide khaddar fabric made out of 87 pieces of monochromatic Indigo colour. This series contains elements such as Universal Trident, the Damaru and other forms that depicts the holistic concept of Shiv-Shakti,” Ashok Aatreya, Art Critic and renowned artist elaborates the artist’s effort to revive the dying tradition of handmade block printing tradition that originated in the sleepy remote areas of Jaipur, through the book , ‘Aadiyogi Shiv: A journey in cosmic Indigo’ written by Sangeeta Gupta and published by Bihar Museum, Patna.

“This series brings us to the threshold of embarking on the Spiritual in Art, in which Sangeeta unconsciously outlines art’s transcendental potential, suggesting that art should no longer depend upon discernible reality. Order and balance become the key to the Odyssey,” says the acclaimed art critic, Uma Nair.

The inauguration of the Exhibition held in the gracious presence of Padma Shri  Shyam Sharma on 28 November 2022.

Thank you to all the students and faculty at NIFT who curated the exhibition! This was a very unique and experimental experience for me, being a senior artist and working with the younger generation. it truly was inspiring to see these young children use such innovative ways to display my work.Thank you once again @nift.patna . It truly was a pleasure,” said Sangeeta Gupta at NIFT Patna during the inaugural function of the Exhibition.

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