22 December 2022

OVERCOME WITH ARTS – India & Korea Exchange Exhibition is on show from 22 December 2022 till 31 December 2022 ( 10.00 AM – 6.00PM) at KADAMBARI GALLERY, DAKSHINACHITRA HERITAGE MUSEUM, CHENNAI.



Bongmyoung Choi /Gita Hudson / JinGil Kim / JinHo Kim /JongYong Choi / Mahesh Pottabathini/ Narendra Babu K.G / SeHee Choi / SeongMook Kim/ Soonyoung Yang / SunHye Mok / YongSang Cho / WooBum Kim /


Balasubramanian Kuppuswami / Hyunkyo jeong / Manohar N S / Soonbeom Kwon / Yongtaek Kwon / Sunhee Kim/ Yeongbok Park / Sunvul Lee / Sunnam Lee / Saravanan Palani

The Korea & India Exchange Exhibition was held between the two countries through exchanges of visual art between two countries as an opportunity to understand the cultures and art. Visual artists based in Gangwon-do and artists working mainly in Tamil Nadu conduct the Exhibition – OVERCOME WITH ARTS at Chennai now.

“Artists of different genres from different cultures gathered to form a team and collaborate through cultural communication. We held an Art camp and an exhibition together in Pyeongchang in September and October, this year and now brought it to Chennai,” says Soonyoung Yang, curator of the show.

“The works done during the camp are exhibited here as a travelling show and it’s a blend of both cultures as seen and felt by artists when working together,” says Gita Hudson, Dakshina Chitra Museum Curator.

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