18 November 2022 /

ON INIMITABLE SPIRIT OF LIFE – A solo Exhibition by renowned artist NAYANAA KANODIA will be held from 19 November 2022 (11 AM – 8 PM) onwards.



“My paintings delight the viewer with their whimsy yet contain the most important social messages of our life. We have been invaded by western culture but at the same time, we retain our roots. Each depiction is charged with innocuous humour personifying the subtle ironies that permeate daily life which lie in harmony and yet in conflict with the collision of East and West. My paintings are infused with deceptive simplicity, mirthful lyricism, and a spirit of authenticity.

The world is so true, naked, and ludicrous that we catch our breath as we recognize it,” says Nayanaa Kanodia, renowned artist and an economist turned painter and a brilliant colourist with a strong individualism in her work.

Nayanaa Kanodia can be considered to be the pioneer of the genre of L’Art Naif in India and she has held innumerable shows in India and abroad.

Her paintings are in the collection of major art collectors and corporate houses all over the world. Musee International D’Naif Art in Paris permanently displays her paintings. She is the first Indian whose paintings were selected in Paintings in Hospitals, UK. She has been featured in an international publication Women in Art by Reinhard Fuchs, a rare honour for any Indian artist.

Impressed with the social messages being conveyed in her paintings, a consortium of schools in Los Altos, U.S.A. is using her work as a medium of instruction for their students.

She has recently been appointed as a juror for the Prisma Art Prize for their Rome Dividere in Europe. She is the first Indian on their panel which is an honour not only for her but also for her country.

She is associated with many charitable societies, gives talks and conducts workshops and presentations on art in various organizations and Universities.

She is also a judge in art competitions. She has attended Art Camps in India, London, Sweden, Italy, Moscow, Greece, Bangkok, and Cambodia. Her work is characterized by the air of whimsy, flat bright polished surfaces and the extraordinary plethora of intricately worked details and patterns.

 Treasure Art Gallery (TAG), a cultural platform dedicated to both modern and contemporary Indian art presents “On Inimitable Spirit of Life”.

“We truly value and appreciate different art forms and promote diversity of mediums. The process of a careful selection of artworks and exhibiting them with splendour is of utmost importance to us. We are really thankful to  Nayanaa Kanodia for showcasing her astonishing and alluring artwork,” says Tina ChandrojiTAG’s founder-director, an entrepreneur and an academy-trained artist.

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