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Nipun Manda is an Asian American U.S. citizen of Indian origin. He is a versatile artist and an educator. He taught various Visual arts programs and Cisco Information Technology Academy courses.

“Since childhood, I’ve drawn landscapes, animals, and human figures. When I was in school, my favorite subjects were art and science. My favorite part of science class was when we had to draw the human anatomy, dissections of plants and their internal parts. Over time, I slowly developed my interest in art. Most of the credit goes to my Mom and she encouraged me throughout my artistic journey,” says Nipun Manda.

Nipun has been practicing art for over 15 years. He has curated various national and international shows including Florence Biennale, Italy, Art Expo New York, Affordable Art fair, London, Paris art fair, Spectrum Miami Art Basel and World art Dubai.

“Nature and mankind are my greatest sources of inspiration. My perception of inner and outer space, juxtaposed with the time and space of everyday life creates visual, emotional, and psychological impressions of urban tension in my works. Although the images depict raw emotions and harsh realities, the scene is tempered with gentle optimism and beauty,” Nipun Manda, artist of international acclaim shared his perception on realities of his artistic career.

He has conducted extensive solo and group exhibitions including Earth Creativity & Sustainability in the Florence Biennale (Italy),  Art Basel Miami Queens Museum (New York) and Affordable art fair Battersea, London.

“I always try to give a positive message and connect with the viewers through my work. My theme is based on everyday life experiences and psychological impressions of urban tensions and globalization.”

“Being an artist involves wearing all sorts of masks, just like any other job. The difference is we have the lingering responsibility to unearth the truth of things. Sometimes we will seem vulnerable, and sometimes we will make mistakes. But the main thing is not to give up,” Nipun said.

Nipun Manda studied BFA (Painting) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad and MFA (Painting) from Central University of Hyderabad, India.

He has received many awards and recently won first prize out of 700 entries in a jury show with Hill Center, Navy Hospital, Washington DC.

Nipun Manda currently resides and works in Maryland, USA.

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