1 December 2022

MYSTIQUE HUESa Solo Art Exhibition of the recent works of artist DEEPALI ROONGTA

Artist Deepali Roongta offers an alluring perspective on how modifying can create a multidisciplinary stage for idea creation and also takes it to a completely new level where everything is so pure and real.

Deepali Roongta believes that Art is her life.

A painting is like a jigsaw puzzle. You may imagine a shape, but it may assume one that is entirely another. An artist’s mood during the day can change its contours. If a painting is an act of creation, it is equally an act of destruction,” says the artist.

Deepali Roongta, who also plays with her medium and methodology while painting, creates compositions that are a “combination of natural and social realities”.

She also combines realistic and abstract forms to put across her ideas. Her paintings reflect her unsophisticated approach to making a statement and her works are distinctive, comprising contrast colour selection and assemblage of diverse forms. Her compositions are a combination of natural and social realities; she also combines realistic and abstract forms to put across her ideas. Some of her paintings convey the genuine struggle about being human beyond doubt, which is her true observation as an artist that she wanted to express sincerely.

Her professional journey started from the year 2011 when she participated in group shows organized by AIFACS, NDMC, Woman’s Era, and Airport Authority of India, as well as a few solo exhibitions at India Habitat Center and Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. 

She has greatly appreciated the encouragement she received from the art lovers who came to these exhibitions and it motivated her to continue painting and improving her technique.

The artist has a varied palette of colours that change according to her inspiration and the image that she visualizes in her mind. Her colours are bright and vibrant which seems to come automatically and probably to the artist.

No colour is allowed its own voice but has to find an echo in that of the artist’s work.

She believes that a shape, a form, a colour – any of them can decide to go wrong at any time, still has a deep meaning.

Much of the work reveals itself slowly; it does not contain an overriding manifesto but a rich multi-layered complexity or soup of possibilities. On the simplest level, we all understand that objects make artwork and that they may be the subject matter of artwork. The thing that happens in Deepali’s work is more complex than that. The object is not only the subject matter of her work. It is also the medium and the methodology – animating the work and giving it its power.

The Exhibition will be opened for public viewing from 1 December 2022 till 11 December 2022 at 

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