5 May 2024/

MODERN TRIBAL CONNECTING TRADITIONS: A Unique Art Exhibition Showcasing Tribal Art from Central India at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

MODERN TRIBAL CONNECTING TRADITIONS – the upcoming art exhibition will be organised by the Gondwana Art Project, showcasing traditional tribal artforms of India, including Gond, Bhil and Warli at the prestigious Auditorium Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 8 May 2024 till 13 May 2024. The Show will be curated by Kartik Bhandari, Director of the Gondwana Art Project and co-curated by Jas Karan Gupta.

The Preview of the Show is scheduled on 7 May 2024 @ 5.00 PM

“The exhibition, set against the backdrop of the iconic Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai, offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intersection between tribal art and contemporary styles. This initiative celebrates the rich cultural heritage of tribal communities in central India, highlighting the dynamic evolution of indigenous art forms. Through intricate design elements and vibrant palettes, the artists express the essence of folklore and life in tribal communities, preserving and showcasing their unique cultural identity,” says Kartik Bhandari, Director of the Gondwana Art Project and Curator of the Show.

“The exhibition emphasizes the artists’ storytelling abilities, weaving modernity and progressiveness into traditional narratives. By challenging preconceived boundaries between indigenous and modern art, the project explores how traditional craft can be transformed through modern composition and styles.

‘Modern Tribal – Connecting Traditions’ illustrates how tribal art forms can adapt and thrive in the contemporary world without losing the essence of their cultural heritage. It is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the artists involved, contributing to the broader discourse on the evolution of traditional art in the face of modern influences,” he added.

The exhibition provides a platform for tribal artists to present their work to a global audience, introducing new markets and are encouraged to freely express their skills and experiment with new techniques, creating unique pieces that resonate with both traditional and contemporary artworks.


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