16 March 2023


MOOLADHVANI In Movement & Expression Auroville – INDIA in association with AUROVILLE FILM INSTITUTE conduct, a ten day Mime Workshop by famous artist DRUPAD GAONKAR (a.k.a BLIP) for Actors, Directors, Dancers, Clowns, Choreographers and Movement based  performing Artists at AUROVILLE from 14 April 2023 till 24 April 2023.

“THE MIME OF THINGS is a ten plus one day (full day) course on the subjective aspects of objective things that we encounter in our day to day life and how mimes use them as metaphors to create a poetry of the physical,” says artist DRUPAD GAONKAR, Director, M.I.M.E; founder of Bharatiya Mookadbhinaya Natya Maha Sangha (Indian Mime Federation) and the professional Mime groups IMIMEGINATION (all India) and MAUNAM (Auroville).

“We are surrounded by things that seem inanimate in nature but hold some strange value in our lives not necessarily due to their general use and function but due to some subjective association we have attributed to them in course of our day to day interactions with those items. Sometimes they hold a fascination right from our first interaction and may continue to grow with the passage of time eventually dictating our interactions with everything else. Mimes know this all too well and use this as part a of their invisible world, giving what could be a cup or a pen, a wall or to that matter a hammer; a life and an expression that is all hidden within us,” the artist briefed on this unique ‘Silent & Non Verbal Art-forms Project’ by Mooladhvani In Movement & Expression and Auroville Film Institute.

A multi-performing artist, two time World Record Holder and TedX Speaker,  artist Drupad Gaonkar has amalgamated his knowledge acquired in the fields of Performing Arts, Education, Information Technology, Advertising and Hospitality of which he has more than two and half decades of experience, into the Silent Art-form of MIME.

He has two world records to his credit, 50 hrs Non- Stop Mime Marathon done by an Individual on the occasion of Auroville’s 50th Birthday Celebrations and 12 hours 12 minutes non-stop Mime living statue depicting former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, on his 5th death anniversary.

Artist Drupad is experimenting with Calligraphy and conducted many programmes including exhibitions at festivals in Goa, Gallery Carpe Diem and  Aurodhan Art Gallery(Pondicherry).

Artist Drupad Gaonkar  works as a performing artist in traditional as well as new media environments and motivates students, professionals, teachers and others in Mime and related art forms.

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