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In celebration of 11th anniversary, PRITHVI FINE ART AND CULTURAL CENTRE is holding a group exhibition in New Delhi.


Conceptualised & curated by/ SANGEETA GUPTA

Prithvi Fine Art and Cultural Centre, founded in 2011 is a non – profit organization constituted to keep the cultural and social heritage of our country alive. This Cultural Organisation aims at providing education in fine arts and studio arts as well as education in visual arts and design. Prithvi has been conducting various art exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Along with this, Prithvi makes films on fine art and culture of the world.

 Gopal Chandra Naskar, the well-known contemporary artist is exhibiting his “Mother and child” in acrylic in this Show. He has conducted several solo and group shows in Kolkata as well as in Delhi. He has participated in several workshops and art camps across the country and his work is part of many private collections in India and abroad.

K.K. Gandhi is an internationally acclaimed artist who is always fascinated by the colours spread all around by the powers of the unknown. He depicts artistry in the shape of sprawling meadows, lush green pastures, the elegance of winging deodars, whispering chinars, snow clad mountains, the height of shivalik ranges, the depths of valleys, hanging gorgers, roaring rivers, peaceful lakes, small streams, ravines, waterfall and old dormant baolis. Other subjects which have been mastered by Gandhi are heritage sites, nomadic village lives, Buddhism and its culture. He makes them live by engraving on his canvas through his brush and imagination.

Manasvini Gupta is an artist based in New Delhi, India. Her style is primarily influenced by darker, more macabre ideas and concepts. An avid fan of classic horror, her love for the genre shows through in her work. She harbours a fascination for faces and people, which tend to be the main subjects in her art. 

Manasvini has cultivated an avid interest in traditional as well as digital art. She has also worked as a make-up artist for several short films and photoshoots, her primary interest being special effects. As an artist, creating characters and concepts for creatures interests her most, which shows itself  in what she sketches.

Paban Roy is an artist based out of Jharkhand who has participated in over 40 exhibitions in India and 5 exhibitions abroad. His work is in the collection of the office of the President of India, the office of the Chief Justice of India and various other government offices and private collections across the country and overseas.

Pankaj Kumar Pal is an artist from Jamshedpur, state of Jharkhand, who expresses himself through forms and figures. He has his own visual language and vocabulary. Nature inspires him as it does to all creative fraternity.

Shridhar Iyer is one of the rare modern masters whose works have been trendsetters for post modern and contemporary art practices in India. Known to be one of the greatest living abstractionists in India, Iyer’s art practice has always gone beyond pictorial abstraction and he is one of the earliest artists from the subcontinent to embrace installation and video as an integral part of his practice.

Shikha Sinha, a renowned multi- disciplinary Artist who has done many Site Specific National and International Projects. She has also done many Solo and Group Shows in India as well as abroad. Now she resides and works in New Delhi, India.

Sumita Banerjee is an artist from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. She works on figurative painting in acrylic and in water colour. She has participated in various art camps and exhibitions in Jharkhand and in other states.

Umesh Kumar is an artist who has had several solo and group shows in Delhi as well as in cities across the country. He has participated in several workshops and art camps across India and his work is part of Museum collections and private collections in India.

The internationally acclaimed artist, Vimmi Indra’s  journey of growing up in the smallest corners of Bihar and later moving to the big world of cities is reflected in her lucid dream-like artwork.  Her paintings are a fantasy world where figures float against an ever-changing environment of our cities, buildings and nature. Her canvases pulsate with an inner rhythm and energy, glowing like jewels with colours and expressive figures.

Sangeeta Gupta has 35 solo exhibitions of paintings, 25 published books and 28 documentary films to her credit so far. 10 of her books are also translated in other languages. She has participated in more than 200 group shows in India and abroad including the National exhibitions of Lalit Kala Akademi, All India Fine Arts & Craft Society and Sahitya Kala Parishad and in several art camps. Herpaintings are in the permanent collection of Bharat Bhavan Museum,Bhopal and Sacred Art museums in Belgium and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her works have been represented in India Art Fairs, New Delhi several times.

She has received 69th annual award for drawing in 1998 and 77th annual award for painting in 2005 by AIFACS, New Delhi. In February /March 2020, Sangeeta has created the longest Indigo Painting on sustainable handspun khaddar textile, titled: “Aadiyogi shiv – a journey in cosmic indigo.”She has directed, scripted and shot 28 documentary films, 7 of them are in the collection of the Library of Congress, US. Her films have been telecast and screened in several countries. She is a widely travelled person and lives in Delhi, India.


Images and content credit/ Prithvi Fine Arts and Cultural Centre

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