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For the renowned artist and designer, Manzoor Hussain, the medium for his art is fabric which serves as his favorite canvas;  the motifs are the traditional, contemporary, abstract, geometric and floral that adorns a variety of objects of cotton -suits, short tops, pants, kaftans, kurtis, tote bags, cushion covers, bedspreads and a host of other niche products that fascinate and inspires.

Now he showcases his own art through his designs, sometimes uses the designs of renowned artists, makes exquisite prints and exhibits across all major cities in India.

His magical artwork with artists A. Rajeswara Rao and Sajid Bin Amar were amazing.

“I paint, create my own designs, and then transfer that into textiles. This quilt is a ‘real patchwork’. I have created it using material from over 1000 pieces of cloth all printed by me,” the artist and designer shares the memories of his functional Art Show when he was an art student at JNTU, Hyderabad.

The ‘Nawab Saheb Ka Darwaza’ and the delicate drawings depicting landscapes and nature into the fabrics remind the huge portraits that adorned the palaces of those ancient days in the majestic city of Hyderabad.

 “It was during early childhood itself that I knew my calling. My mother was a significant influence as I grew up watching her create various arts and crafts. School is where I first started learning drawing and earned valuable certificates in drawing and other activities. Fine Arts was where I wanted to be and there was no better place than the JNTU College of Fine Arts. 5 years in fine arts were spent under the mentorship of some of the well -known artists. College was my second home where I spent most of my waking hours trying my hand at sketching, drawing, clay modelling, photography and commercial art. After two years in college I took a part time job and worked until the remaining 3 years of my college days with Doordarshan as a casual artist in the Art department of erstwhile only National TV channel. Here I had the privilege to work alongside Laxma Goud”.

After completing his studies from JNTU, he worked as a designer in a well- known textile printing unit and later involved in creating design into artworks for many reputed Organizations.

His association with the renowned artist of international acclaim,  Laxma Goud, a legendary artist in printmaking moulded him as a textile designer and his knowledge about the printmaking process exponentially grew.  Later he started his own label name ACCEDO.

“ACCEDO, a latin word meaning ‘ACCEPT’ that also encompasses the essence of my name ‘MANZOOR’ which also means ‘ACCEPT’ in the Urdu language. The idea was to create a complete textile design setup. From creating my own designs, sourcing the best cloth available in the market, creating the printing frames, printing the cloth, converting the printed material into various products, I try to realise my dream”.

He has exhibited his art design products all over India including at Bangalore Exhibition in 2009, Cochin Exhibition, Mumbai at Society Show in World Trade Centre 2014, State Art Gallery of Hyderabad 2017 and Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2019.

He has been conducting enumerable functional shows that break all boundaries and frames.

He draws his own paintings and also creates new designs for his upcoming dream crafts all during these years.

He has been creating visual language on his favorite medium, Textiles for more than forty years now.

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