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Explore the Captivating World of Architectural Artistry and Cultural Narratives -Renowned artist Mamta Malhotra’s Solo Exhibition Ma at the Open Palm Court Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi from 19 December 2023 till 22 December 2023 (10.30 AM to 8.30 PM)

An enchanting journey through the vibrant tapestry of architectural nuances and cultural narratives of renowned artist Mamta Malhotra’s enthralling portrayal of Holy Varanasi’s timeless charm and cultural vibrancy

“Mamta Malhotra’s artistic repertoire is a symphony of line, color, form and texture, elegantly woven into her captivating works. Her exploration of urban landscapes, figurative and abstract studies and adept use of oil paint, acrylic and mixed media offer a multifaceted experience for art enthusiasts. Juxtaposing Sanskrit shlokas and architectural elements, Mamta’s creations forge a new visual vocabulary, seamlessly blending the traditional with the contemporary. The exhibition promises a captivating display of Mamta Malhotra’s artistic finesse, showcasing her ability to evoke the ephemeral beauty and fragility of Varanasi’s urban fabric, resonating with the vitality of its ancient and vibrant lifestyle. Her artworks, which have found pride of place in prestigious interiors across India, Dubai, France, and the United States, reflect a deep-rooted commitment to environmental preservation and cultural heritage,” says the Curator of the show.

“Mamta Malhotra, born in Mumbai, was nurtured amidst the picturesque valleys, mountains and gardens of Kashmir, Poona, Gangtok  and Bhutan. Her formative years were deeply influenced by her father, an accomplished army engineer with a profound passion for drawing and painting. Graduating with a silver medal from the Corbusier designed Chandigarh College of Architecture,  Mamta’s artistic journey is enriched by her unique experiences in Varanasi and San Francisco, infusing her work with a distinctive perspective on history, culture and the integration of nature,” explains on her artistic journey.

Eminent artist Mamta Malhotra has seamlessly combined her architectural expertise with her artistic endeavors, creating a signature style that embodies simplicity, harmony and a deep reverence for the environmental preservation and cultural heritage.

“Her critically acclaimed works have garnered international recognition with features in esteemed publications such as the New York Times bestseller coffee table book, HarperCollins catalogue and Architecture Week magazine. Her contributions to the world of art have been celebrated in prominent Indian magazines and newspapers including Inside Outside, Design Today, Better Interiors, Femina, Spice Route and Navuthan magazine,” says a Press release. 

“An artist’s soul entrapped within an architect’s body, Mamta Malhotra’s artistic expression reflects her unyielding desire to explore the interplay of creativity, history and cultural identity. Her upcoming exhibition at the Open Palm Court Gallery, Habitat Centre, New Delhi promises to be a celebration of art, culture and the enduring spirit of Varanasi,” said the Curator.

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