The Central government has extended nationwide lockdown till May 31 by giving extensive flexibility to the state governments in declaring red, yellow and green zones in combating Covid-19. Ministry of Home Affairs issued fresh guidelines for Lockdown in the fourth phase allowing  inter- state movement of buses and cars, opening of business shops, resuming autorickshas, cab aggregators and restaurants supplying parcels.

 Domestic and international air travels and metro services will remain suspended. Special trains will be in operational to rescue students, migrant workers and others stranded in various parts of the country.

Barber shops and saloons will be opened following the guidelines issued by the government.

However in Containment zones all services will be suspended except the distribution of essential goods by the volunteers of local bodies.

Since the nationwide lockdown on March 24, across the nation the pandemic spreads all over, affecting more than one lakh persons and raising the death toll more than three thousands.

 In south, Karnataka’s death toll raised to 37 and altogether there are 1147 Covid cases in the state,.

 In Andhra Pradesh death reported were 50 and the total Covid cases raised to 2380 after150 migrant labours returning to the state.

Tamil Nadu reported nearly 11000 Covid cases including 81 returnees from other parts of the country.

 Chennai stood as the epicentre of the pandemic in Tamil Nadu. 

Covid cases continued to rise in Kerala also after the exodus arrivals of expatriates, students and others from outside.

In India 22,79,324 Covid  tests were conducted so far. The testing rates were improved very much. The cases were steadily increasing and on Sunday 17 May,2020  India reported nearly 5000 cases a day.

It is alarming that the duration of time for doubling the number of  Covid cases increased in our country.

Gujarath, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu , Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal should take stringent measures in curbing the pandemic in the coming days of Lockdown 4.0

All over the world, 45 lakh Covid-19 cases were reported in 213 countries and death toll raised to 3,13,000.

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