6 January 2023


Nero Art Hub presents LIFE AFTER DREAD – a showcase of oil paintings of eminent artist Arijit Chakraborty at Nero Art Hub, New Delhi from 6 January 2023 till 27 January 2023.

Arijit Chakraborty is a self-tutored artist working with visual media over 15 years in India. His primary medium is photography and painting. The renowned artist started as a photographer and portrayed many performances, locales, historical cities like Kolkata, Old Delhi, Amritsar, etc. As a fine artist, his works are mostly socio-political or psychological at large. The impressionist and surrealist signatures with lucid motifs, mostly black and white, is artist Arijit Chakraborty’s language.

Arijit Chakraborty has graduated in economics and politics. He has studied for a diploma and a post graduate diploma in photography and visual art.

He has exhibited in several galleries, institutions of repute and fairs including AF Kolkata, Kolkata Art Fair, Chennai Photo Biennale.

“The showcase depicts the conversations the artist had with his own self. We all talk to ourselves, but in our own private space, when no one’s listening. Mind floats in the open when it’s free from inhibitions. It expresses real feelings beyond the loathsome control of society’s status quo. For Arijit, the free fall occurred during the lockdowns of global pandemics. In the process of searching for inspiration and breaking the social restrictions that tried to dictate an artist’s voice, it got connected at one point. The bars lifted. Realisations and experiences mattered more than anything; this body of work, i.e. ‘Life After Dread’ was born. It’s a series of paintings that tells the stories from the life of the artist and the encounters he had with others. Stories are personal, social, political and at times talks about the evils that should not be. All of these however, are connected to all of us, at some level and at any random point of all our lives,” says Ranbir Rathi, eminent Curator of the Show.

Please visit: www.neroarthub.com


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