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R. Manivannan, an artist and a professional photographer with a post-graduation in Visual Arts has travelled extensively across the length and breadth of India to capture the diverse and magnificently rich cultures.

He has been capturing through the photographic lens, the alluring beauty of various heritage sites, monuments and sculptures including Ajanta, Ellora, Sittannavasal, Humpi, Jagannath Temple,  ‘Theyyam’ of Kerala, ‘Camel Pushkar of Rajasthan’ and the Hornbill (the festival of festivals) of Nagaland.

He was really honoured when the government of Tamil Nadu entrusted him to take the unique snaps of the ‘kumbhmela’.

This time, Manivannan captures vivid pictures of the unique festival of Dasara at the southern village of our country, 

Kulasekarapattinam in Thoothukudi district, Tamilnadu.

R. Manivannan captures vivid pictures of the unique festival of Dasara at the southern village of our country, Kulasekarapattinam in Thoothukudi district, Tamilnadu. 

Every year, lakhs of devotees throng to witness this unique festival at the 300 years old Arulmigu Kulasai Mutharamman Devi Temple that was built in the port city of Kulasekarapattinam during the reign of King Maravarman Kulasekaran.

Dasara is celebrated as a festival across the country, Kulasai Dasara stands out with distinctive and vibrant observance of Navaratri commemorating the triumph over the demon in a unique rural cultural festival.

Kulasai Dasara, the 12 days festival of triumph over evil is celebrated as a lavish occasion at the village of Kulasekarapattinam during the Tamil month of Avani, between August and September as the goddess guards over the village and its residents, protects the worshippers here.   

“The Goddess Mutharamman is taken in procession on various vahanams (vehicles) on all days of this festival. The devotees who participate in this festival, follow ‘viradham’(fasting), maintaining utmost purity of body, mind and soul. The devotees also pledge to collect donations in accordance with an ancient custom while portraying various celestial deities, including the goddess Kali and the King. The donations collected are offered to the goddess Mutharamman” says the renowned photographer R. Manivannan.

“Kulasai Dasara is not just a religious festival but also has a significant cultural significance. The festival is an excellent platform for the local artists to showcase their talent. During the festival, various cultural programs are organized including music and dance performances which attract a large audience,” he added.

Every year, lakhs of devotees congregate here to witness, rejoice and take part in this unique rural cultural festival.

Images : R. Manivannan

R. Manivannan has shown his photographs, art works in several exhibitions. He has conducted many photography workshops & tours, Street photography, documentary photography, seminars for arts, architecture, visual communications and also conducts a commercial photography studio, ‘M2 Photography Wedding Studio’ in Tanjore. 

R. Manivannan, a visual artist and Fine-art travel documentary photographer from the historic city of Tanjore exhibits the magnificent myriad beauty of our art, culture, rituals and lifestyle captured through his lens. He is a life-time member of Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural heritage (INTACH).

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