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Finance Minister K.N. Balagopal presented a tax-free Budget for 2021-22 in the Kerala Assembly on 4 June 2021.

The Finance Minister in his maiden budget, presented a Rs. 20,000 crore package to meet the crisis induced by the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

 Rs. 1000 crore has been provided for the free vaccinations for all above 18 years, Rs. 500 crore for the purchase of allied equipment and Rs. 5,300 crore for the permanent solution to the coastal distress and building up of coastal infrastructure in the state.

Rs. 2,600 crore earmarked for the loan scheme to financial rejuvenation to meet the challenges posed during the pandemic.

 The Budget has allocated Rs.2000 crore for providing loans to boost agricultural infrastructure in the state.  Digital technologies such as cloud computing and AI will be utilised for modernising the distribution of good quality planting materials, farming techniques, harvesting, storage and marketing facilities in the state.

o   Rs. 2,968 crore for health grant to local bodies

o   Rs. 2000 crore loan for MSMEs

o   Rs. 100 crore Venture Fund

o   Rejuvenation Package for Tourism Sector including Malabar Cruise Package

o   2 Lakh Laptops to students

o   Commission to restructure higher education in the state

o   Hydrogen powered buses to KSRTC

o   Knowledge Economy Mission to be set up to provide jobs and support         ‘knowledge workers’

o   Smart Krishi Bhavans and boost agricultural infrastructure

o   PDS System to be modernised

 o     Rs. 1000 crore Scheme for the Non Resident Keralites who have returned  to the state

 o    Malabar Literary Circuit and Biodiversity Circuit for promoting tourism    

“Overcoming the pandemic has become the prerequisite for development. In essence, the strategy for effective health care has become our strategy for development in this Budget,”  Finance Minister said.

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