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Nayan Naveli Gallery presents JOURNEY OF LOVE, FAITH AND INSPIRATION, a group show of renowned artists including Sakti Burman and Maïté Delteil at Nayan Naveli Gallery, New Delhi from 18 November 2023 till 1st March 2024 (11.00 AM to 7.00 PM). This show is curated by Amrita Kochhar, founder of Nayan Naveli Gallery, New Delhi.

“We are very fortunate to work on this exhibition with Sakti Burman and Maïté Delteil. Various collections of Sakti Burman and Maïté Delteil are showcased in this exhibition. Other artists like Suman Chandra, Nandan Purkayastha, Ranjita Kant, Krishnendu Porel and Maya Burman are also part of this show,” says Amrita Kochhar, founder of the prestigious Nayan Naveli Gallery, New Delhi.

Renowned artists Sakti Burman and Maïté Delteil write about their decades long artistic career as:

“This show is not a usual show; the purpose is to show that we have, all our life, worked a lot together. When we met in art school, in Paris in 1956, we did the same portraits, the same still lifes, we studied the same landscapes, side by side, before becoming the ‘Sakti Burman’ and the ‘Maïté Delteil’ that you know.

Even in the 1970s, when Maïté was exploring surrealism, Sakti at that time, was painting big heads of Ravanna in ‘no realistic’ mind.

More recently when we were discussing art on painters which have always been our models: Titian, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo while we were sketching together. In that series of sketches, you can realize truly that it was the cooking of a master, Sakti was immediately making a “Sakti Burman” and Maïté learned how the master made a big difference! That is why and how one has become a ‘Sakti Burman’ and a ‘Maïté Delteil’.

Around 2017, when our grandson Ganapathy was starting to enter the Art profession as he wanted to promote Indian painting in France, the economic situation in Europe was very bad, we thought to do small watercolors to give more opportunity to European buyers, we spoke of that idea to some painters and five of them accepted to take part in that joined artistic movement – they are also the five painters which we wanted to be a part of this show: Suman Chandra, Nandan Purkayastha, Ranjita Kant, Krishnendu Porel and Maya Burman. Amrita is a very enthusiastic person and she has decided to exhibit the films of Joy Banerjee, ‘Ballad with Sakti’ and ‘Maïté enchanted’ during the exhibition.

“The journey of love, faith and inspiration is true to its title.

The journey began years ago from the time when Maïté and Sakti met in Paris. When they both were students of the art college and this journey goes on to continue till date… A journey that marks creativity, highlights togetherness, and weaves a bond that can be seen in each and every work of both the world’s renowned artists. It’s an honor and privilege to present this show. Each work in the exhibition represents a certain year and is beautifully marked in a chronological order that starts from the early 1950s to today. Sakti and Maïté’s individual dedication to their art practice shows the honesty and sincerity of hard work… Their limitless creativity is commendable and this makes them what they are today, stars of another kind. It has been a humbling and an enriching experience working for this show that came about quite spontaneously, I am full of gratitude to both of them,” says Amrita Kochhar, curator of the Show.

“We present the journey of love, faith, and Inspiration as a journey of their love, life, their artworks and their togetherness as a couple and artists. Having worked for this show I have not only developed a bond of friendship with both the artists but I can say with joy, I love them both for what and who they are,” she added.

Two documentaries, ‘A Ballad with Sakti’ and ‘Maïté Enchanted’ by eminent documentary filmmaker Joy Banerjee will be screened and presented during the show.


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