25 June 2023


“All kind of arts serve the greatest of the arts – the art of living on Earth” – Berthold Brecht 

First International Painting Symposium Kalamaria 2023 was organized by the Community Enterprise of Kalamaria Municipality in Greece from June 13 to 18, 2023


First International Painting Symposium Kalamaria 2023 was organized by the Community Enterprise of Kalamaria Municipality in Greece from June 13 to 18, 2023 within the framework of its touristic and cultural promotion. Thirty-five painters from twenty-eight countries participated in this International event: France, Greece, Austria, Albania, Lithuania, Armenia, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Finland, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic etc. 

The official opening of the symposium was done by the Mayor of Kalamaria Dardamanelis Giannis at the Restaurant of the Athlos Hotel, and was followed by a musical event from the Municipal Conservatory of KEDKA with musical pieces by Mikis Theodorakis & Manos Hatzidakis under the direction of the director of the conservatory Christos Vernardos.

Dr. Larissa Noury, artist, designer–colorist, representing art of two countries, France and Belarus said: “I created for this wonderful First International art symposium a diptych – COLOURS OF ATHOS with my own technique of tactile colours which mixes different media with local material. COLOURS OF ATHOS symbolizes the important power of spirituality and architectural heritage of Greece; the colours of the landscape show us a large pallet of Nature and its essential elements: water, earth, air and energy of this place. Finally, it is a bridge between Hellenistic history and harmony of the beautiful nature of Greece. The point here is that the Concept of Tactile Colors may have ended with this event and exhibition, but the conversation surrounding how arts and culture can play a bigger role in overcoming cultural and ethnic barriers needs to continue. Using art as a bridge between cultures, we can create a beautiful  perspective for both. Art will be stronger and powerful thanks to this intercultural communication and culture will be richer in diversity. Art is a bridge – it connects us to all of humanity“.

I am so proud to have been selected by the organizers and to be an invited artist of this very First art symposium in Greece and I would like to express all my warm gratitude to all organizers. I feel privileged to be here and share with all artists these inspiring days of wonderful creativity”.

For a few days, the international artists shared a common workshop working on their ideas. Various techniques and endless imagination found expression in the painting boxes.

Painters from Europe, Asia and Latin America exhibit their work at the end of this event in the indoor theater ‘Stavros Kouyoumtzis’ on Chilis Street. All artists donated their artworks created to the municipality’s non-profit enterprise, KEDKA  so that the proceeds from their auction could be allocated for a good cause.

 All admired the musical performance by the children’s choir of the Municipal Conservatory and a dance performance by the Kallistis cultural club and the Armenian cultural club. 

“The message of the symposium was creation without borders, the charm of the different and the communication of people based on the language of art. The participation of distinguished artists is one of the largest international artistic productions and a modern policy of culture for our municipality and our city” said Dimitris Mouratidis, the President of KEDKA. 

Mayor Dardamanelis Giannis awarded certificates to all the participants in the symposium.

Deputy Regional Governor of Technical Infrastructures, Paris Billias; the General Secretary of the Municipality of Kalamaria Eleni Fyka; the President of the Municipal Council, the Consul of Armenia; Deputy Mayors ; Heads of Municipal Divisions and Municipal Councilors attended the closing ceremony of the 1st International Painting Symposium.

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