11 December 2023 /


Exhibition of paintings by eminent artists RAGHAVAN. N, K MURALIDHARAN, K.G NARENDRABABU, K. BALASUBRAMANIAN will be on show at THE EXHIBITION HOUSE, SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM, PUDUCHERRY from 15 December 2023 till 20 December 2023.  


14 December 2023 @ 4.00 PM/ Timings of the Show: 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM & 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM.


Shri. V. KALIAPERUMAL, Director of Art and Culture Department, Government of Puducherry.


Shri. LAURENT JALICOUS, Director of Alliance Fracaise de, Puducherry.

Shri. LALIT VERMA, President of Aurodhan Art Gallery, Puducherry.

“Every being on earth travels in real time, but at the same time travels in the vast universe juxtaposed with images dreamt. Artists dwell on their dreams for subject matter and always try to ascertain their ideology in an artistic manner through constant creations. I have always tried to recreate a world, my dream world on canvas or paper, which often stems from real life situations and travels,” says renowned artist K.G. Narendrababu.

Renowned artist Narendrababu works with colors and lines to create images from his dream world as well as his real life experiences. Humans, birds, animals, temples, architecture and aliens find their harmonious place in his magnificent art world. He has exhibited many shows in India and abroad including 2nd International Art Exhibition in Chand Kil-Hwan Art Museum, Korea and Ri Ji Art Studio Gangneung, Korea.

Eminent artist of international acclaim, Raghavan N who lives and works both in Cholamandalam Art Village and Auroville says: 

“My body of work, acrylic on handmade paper is about breathing (Prana Parinamam). The breathing pattern moves with our emotional state.  This creates a rhythm in our body that further moves the energy particles which are fundamental of all things in the universe, the process of breathing merging with our mind and thinking, takes a shape of the body (the non- stop chatter of our minds becomes the inner scripts of our life)”.

Renowned artist Raghavan N, born in 1952, is a multifaceted artist, sculptor, art director with keen meditation practice of over 30 years. He has exhibited his artworks around the world and is a recipient of several honors and awards. He is a trustee for HOINA, Home for Indian Nation, a registered Trust in India and non-profit organisation in the US, providing a home to children in need who were rescued, cared for and raised to develop productive, responsible  and caring members  of the society. He has conducted many art workshops for the children of HOINA. He is still an advisor for HOINA.

He worked as art director in many feature and Ad films and participated in many national and international festivals. As a distinguished artist, he is known for his unique and inspiring conceptions and his works adorn many public and private galleries. He has been invited by many universities for lectures in the USA.

“I always believe that if one denies his roots, then he misses lots of values in his life. My childhood memories of listening to myth stories stay evergreen in me and it’s a constant source of inspiration for me…  Indian mythology is a big ocean with an abundant source of mythical worlds which gives a feel of fantasy and innocence to my Mystic Valley Series,” says renowned artist K. Muralidharan.

Renowned artist K. Muralidharan born in Chennai conducted numerous shows in India and abroad. He has received grants and scholarships from the Government of India. He has undergone Artist Residence Programme in Sweden and Scotland and held shows there.  He was honoured with a National award in 1993; State awards in 1978 and 1982. 

Artist K. Balasubramanian obtained his post-diploma in painting from the College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. He has participated in many exhibitions in India and abroad and is a recipient of many awards.

“I explored India and other countries across the world.  I drew inspiration from their forms, colours and symbols in order to deepen my knowledge. My art reflects a life philosophy of taking things as they come, communicating the emotions through symbols and geometric forms. I use vibrant colours in mirrors with a deep passion for art and the sun-drenched landscapes of India,” explains renowned artist K. Balasubramanian who is celebrated in contemporary Indian art for his unique creations.

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