27 January 2023


Larissa Noury at the 69th Salon de Charenton which opened its doors at the Espace Art et Liberté  from January 26 to February 18, 2023.

Art does not want the representation of a beautiful thing but the beautiful representation of a thing — Immanuel Kant.

“Exhibitions and art fairs are very important for a wide audience to appreciate the beauty of modern creations and beautiful representations of different artistic techniques and approaches. An unmissable annual event, the Salon de Charenton has been for many years an opportunity to take an overview of local and regional creation in its diversity. During its inauguration, more than 500 people, guests and artists, had the pleasure of discovering the works selected for the exhibition which takes place in a large space and which aims to raise public awareness of contemporary creation. This unique and bright place presents under the direction of Mr Frédéric Mette exhibitions on various themes,” says renowned artist Larissa Noury.

The annual Salon introduces visitors and art lovers to all the techniques of painting, engraving, photography, drawing, mixed media and sculpture.

“This time, the originality of the Salon is the choice of its painters. They are great colourists who practice “abstract landscapes that navigate between meditative interior space and the free transport of a natural spectacle”. Their large formats bring color and matter into dialogue with strength and sensuality; this is the Universe of lyrical abstraction at the limit of figuration. Their works are original: the diversity and eclecticism of the ensemble promotes an easy and uninhibited approach to art,” artist Larissa Noury shares her experience of the show.

Larissa Noury’s painting “Beyond Time” attracted special attention from the public. Many appreciated the unique technique of the artist  ‘portraying the harmonies of colors transmitting all the energy of Nature’, ‘the universe of soothing dreams’, ‘the distant light of well-being, the warmth fragile, very human and poetic at the same time’.   And again:  ‘Subtle and dazzling painting, a very personal universe, a great interiority with great simplicity.

“Thank you for this trip to the country of our unknown dreams. Thank you very much for these bursts of light which plunge us into the essence of our consciousness…” say the admirers of artist Larissa Noury‘s ‘Tacticle painting’.

The renowned artist Larissa Noury is an Architect-colourist and works as Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris.  She also worked as Professor of Colour, Department of Arts, Bordeaux & High School of Arts & Techniques Paris, Guest researcher-colourist, Scandinavian Colour Institute, Stockholm and President-founder of CEC “Colour-Space-Culture” International Association.

She has a PhD in Art & Architecture, studied at the Polytechnic School in Minsk and Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg.  Also has PhD in History of Arts, University Michel de Montagne, Bordeaux.

She has conducted more than 30 solo shows and group exhibitions in France, the United States, Australia, Spain, Korea, Malaysia and other places in the world.

Born in Belorussia, Larissa Noury lives and works in Paris, Montmartre.

Recently renowned artist Larissa Noury has shown her art works titled- CELEBRATIONS IN COLOUR, along with the eminent artist Prof.  Suresh K. Nair, Professor, Department of Painting, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi, India.

Art is more than ever an issue that promotes links and exchanges, as André Malraux said: “Art is the shortest way from man to man”.

Photo1. The Art and Freedom space

Photo2. Tactile painting by Larissa Noury, selected by the “Au-dela du temps / beyond time”, 100x100cm, selected by Salon Charenton.

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