18 December 2022


Elena Axinte aka Hele Biker explores the world on her Harley Davidson and now she is in Rameswaram.
She started her short travel in 2018 from Africa and has explored more than 28 countries now. Now it has become a passion and life for her, she wanted to explore more by meeting, interacting with people all around the world.
Elena Axinte is a Romanian woman established for over eleven years in Milan – Italy, actress and drama therapist with a bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

She has studied Psychology and specialised in Drama therapy.

She worked in Italy in the field of theatre, especially social theatre, research theatre and drama therapy.

Now, she is a solo world traveller.

In 2018, Elena Axinte did her first adventure travel with her motorcycle, alone, crossing 7 countries of the African Continent from Morocco to Burkina Faso and back in 4 months.
She started her World Tour on a motorbike and travelled 28 countries covering East Europe and the Middle East with all the Arab countries, and finally, she reached India and plans to travel to all South East Asian countries and more.

During her tour, she never stayed in Hotels or any commercial accommodation, but all the time she has been hosted by local people and created a universal network of Souls with a tagline – HOME IS EVERYWHERE.

 “Through my journey, I want to share that even though we are so overwhelmed by the terrible things around us, we should have a little trust that the positive side of the world still exists.”  Elena said.

Her hobbies include paragliding, camel rides and trekking.

Elena Axinte has shared some of her recent paintings done along with eminent artist Manohar C.H in his Studio in Hyderabad

Life Is a Journey

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